XBox S - virtually no air or sea traffic - is it just me?


A real newbie question but with “out the box” settings ( everything seems to be maxxed ) I still see no sea traffic and virtually no Air traffic.

I saw a couple of jets in the distance at Luqa in Malta but that really is it

100+ hours and often over water / near busy airports

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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As far as sea traffic goes … there seems to be almost none. I say ‘almost’ because flying since the game launched last year (all low and slow), I did see a fishing boat - just one, just the once. Nearly fell out of my chair in surprise.


same on series x.

we have to wait for the Vessels: Global Shipping Mod, which is also coming to the internal Marketplace.


(Australian playing on Series X, Eastern US Server)

It’s funny I see this post moments after I just read that apparently player numbers are down, which yes I’ve noticed to, especially the last week. I turned off the AI traffic about a week ago also in order to help prevent the likelihood of crashes and hopefully gain a little more performance, when I did that it’s basically turned this into a ghost town, only getting worse by the day I reckon.

Sea Traffic hasn’t been a thing at all for the little over a month since I’ve been here as far as I’ve noticed. I can’t fully speak for that.

An Example:-

I decided it’d be a great idea to fly about New York City (Local Time) on the morning of 9/11 expecting many to be thinking the same, so that’s what I did. I loaded in as the sun rose, beautiful day, great conditions. I took off, did a few laps around Manhattan and only noticed 1 other player I estimated to be in the far North East of Connecticut. I then proceeded to go all the way down to Montauk, the very end of Long Island and back to circle Manhattan once more before landing at Newark Intl. That 1 player had long disappeared before I got back to the city. There was no one else at all during that whole time and I was looking hard.

One of the most busiest areas in America on an Eastern US Server during reasonable time period and there’s no one. Sure makes you really think about what the f… is going on, it definitely feels lonely here there’s no doubt about that.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Any time frame for that being finished, that you know of?

They are in the approval process for Marketplace - so now it is about Asobo workspeed…


Oh, well that could be way next year :grin::grin::grin:

What I’ve noticed on my XBox S with default settings (actually I come from PC so some settings have carried over I guess but traffic settings are unique to XBox) ; what I’ve noticed is that there are AI aircraft but only pretty close to the ground and right near cities. I’ve seen one AI jet at a higher altitude than me but I was quite low and right near Orlando Intl. (KORL)

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Sea traffic is pretty muc non-existent in the base sim, whatever platform you’re on. On PC there are mods that fix that. From what I hear, the payware global shipping mod is coming to the marketplace, so that will likely be available on Xbox as well.

As for air traffic, that’s another one of these issues that seems to be hit or miss on a person by person basis. After rarely seeing another plane in the sky for months and months, the I’ve had tons of air traffic the last 3-4 months or so. Some parts of the world have far less (Europe has surprisingly little), but where I fly in North America, the skies seem quite busy. Nowhere near as busy as they are IRL (10-20% of real world traffic at best), but at least I’m seeing planes now.

But yet there are people on both platforms still complaining they’re not seeing any air traffic, so this isn’t a console specific thing. I don’t know what the cause of the problem is. I suspect it’s something on Microsoft’s end on the servers you connect to in order to get your traffic (or lack thereof) information.

Like I always say, the most consistent thing about MSFS is how inconsistent the experience is from user to user.

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Finally saw a fishing boat off the west coast of Scotland after MANY hours of flying. No ferries though and these are a common sight worldwide.


Congratulations! I just made a long slow DC6 flight from Cartagena in Colombia north across the Caribbean to Jamaica, hand flying at about 8000ft in VR all the way. Weather, clouds and sea all looked beautiful, but entirely empty … not a ship or boat to be seen anywhere.

I will be reinstalling Global AI Ship Traffic when they get the v2 update with effects done. Certainly worth taking a look at the add on if you’re on PC.

Funny you should mention North America. I’ve been flying mainly UK/EU area, and there is traffic over busy areas, but not as dense as I’d have expected. I did a couple of flights in North America, and suddenly encountered much more. The LIkes of SFO was really busy, Phoenix too. This was on XBox with Live traffic ON. Maybe flightjs in US are still running at a more normal higher frequency in US in the covid era, where as we definitely have a reduction here.

ferries and lighthouses would be good. Both currently missing from sim.

I was doing a bush trip recently. Patagonia I think & saw a distant ‘shadow’ on the horizon and got excited at the prospect of perhaps encountering a ship. A few mile passed and I realised that it was just a smudge on the cockpit glass. My quest to find a ship at sea continues. :rofl:

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