Xbox Series X - Always crash after update

Just managed to install the world update 6 version. Every activity / landing challenge or created flight plan on worldmap crashes the full game… throwing me out to the Xbox Home Screen.
Entering the game again brings the normal loading screens…
Full crash - can fly anymore at all

Yes the same. Nothing is working properly. It’s getting worse.

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Will shut down the system now - waiting for a new day and a fix… :pray::laughing:

I tried today to do the things that would crash the sim. Zooming in and out of the world map repeatedly. No crashes. Also did a flight with an IFR flight plan. Again worked flawlessly.

Wonder if there is a server side update and being on different servers is part of the issue.

No Issue on Series X. Try a complete new install.


Although I am not getting crashes after every flight plan like the OP, I am getting far more frequent crashes than in World Update 5. WU5 I had one crash in around 2 weeks. WU6 I have had 5 crashes in 2 days. The only thing which seemed to help last night was deleting and re-enabling the rolling cache. After I did that I had zero crashes last night, but just started playing again tonight, created a flight plan, began loading in and game crashed again.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I’m playing on Series S.

Hello, I am also having this issue. I installed the latest world update last week but it’s been crashing to the main screen on Xbox ever since. It doesn’t matter if I select Discovery Flights or create a custom flight from the world map, same outcome

Any advice?

Deinstall the add on then install again… worked for me. Had the same issue. Crashed everytime

This is happening to me as well. I just started an ILS flight, got into the air. after about 15mins it crashed back to the xbox home screen. It did crash before the world update 6 but never this frequently. I get a crash a day now. Its kinda unplayable for now. Whats the point of setting up a 50nm flight just to have the system crash on approach?

You mean uninstall world update 6 then reinstall it?

Have the same problem. After I hhad installed Update Germany Ausrtria Swizzerland my MSFS flies a while then after some seconds Crash and Desktop. I tried it without community addons in the offered safe mode. Always the same.
I dont use it any more at this moment waiting for solutions. Fly FSX for my entertainment.