Xbox Series X and 1440p monitor


I’m looking for a new monitor for my Xbox Series X. I’m thinking of getting a 1440p one.

My question is will MSFS render at 1440p? If not will it render at 4k or 1080p? This is important to me as the Xbox is mainly used for MSFS.

Thanks for any advice.


The BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210R Curved Gaming Monitor (32 inch, 1440P, 165 Hz, 1ms, HDR 400, FreeSync Premium Pro, afstandsbediening, 144 Hz compatibel) is working fine with the sim on my Xbox series X.

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The answer to your questions above are all “yes”.

Keep in mind if you are going to stream movies, etc an HD LED TV may be appropriate as their prices are very good and they have many/most of the gaming features used by the Xbox.

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I’ve got a TV in my lounge, but this monitor will be for desk usage. Does anyone know whether the series X always renders internally to 4k and then downscales to 1440p?

I want a resolution boost over my current 1080p monitor - the text can be difficult to read on the dials at the moment.