Xbox series x Anyone having problems?

For me the performance is great, hardly any stutters or crashes and I have 60 hours in my Logbook now. There are some bugs and issues so that are not Xbox specific and also occur with the PC Version. For me the most annoying ones are;

Autopilot turning back to last waypoint when selecting an approach in flight.
Issues with textures at some airports. (Floating roofs etc…)
Get back to your assigned altitude bug in ATC (Should be fixed with WU6)

About what fellow? Having a fast internet connection means nothing if the server or a connection between you and the server is slow.

The performance on the series X has definitely declined since launch for me.


Unfortunately, I frequently experience crashes on Xbox lately. It has come to the point where I don’t engage in longer flights to spare myself the misery of crashing on final after a two-hour flight.


We’ll felllow it’s about if you think I’m doing something wrong and you telling me how to try to rectify anything you may think I’m missing, or it’s just “the servers and tough luck”

The only problem I’ve had is deciding where to fly to. No CTDs for me yet.

I have 65 mbps and London photogram does suffer for some reason !? Thats the only real issue for me, occasional stutter, but get that on PC no doubt ! All in all, performing very well, smooth !
Hopefully the ORBX London city pack will sort that, says its optimized for xbox.

I have CTMain Xbox menu and graphics issues (see pictures below)

ATC IS BROKEN. Was at 32000 ft and I got told to decend to 2300 ft and was 10 miles from airport so baso on final.

That’s crazy. I’ll. try a two hour flight and see how I go

I actually don’t know matey. Feels a bit random judging by replies

I tried a wired advanced mouse plugged to front and back Xbox usb ports, there were issues : mouse to quick, even decreasing sensitivity in the xbox series X parameters. Impossible to use.
Currently I am using a wireless Logitech G basic combo (keyboard + mouse). At a moment in game, my mouse stops responding.
I thought it was when using the Xbox controller in mouse mode (left stick), but it seems to be more difficult to identify why.

I am a bit disappointed with controls on Xbox when it comes to be different that the Xbox game controller.

Consequently I am not very optimistic with the upcoming Turttlebeach and Honeycomb devices… This would be a major fail as I think FS on Xbox should have equivalent or even better experience than on PCs.

I have exactly the same issue on Xbox series X, it lags specially on longer flights, i don’t have the same issue on my xbox series S but graphics are a big step down. Since last update of septembre 2021 i even experience the game to crash, i tryed reinstalling it it didn’t help. Lets wait and see for better servers or future updates…

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I’m having the worst experience yet on my Series X frame drops, stuttering, extremely long loading times, crashing and to top it all, freezing my xbox so i had to turn it off from its button then to my susprise, it got deleted itself…could this game be more terrible?


That’s because they’re not compatible. There are very few flight peripherals out there currently that are Xbox compatible. The Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS is pretty much the only option at the moment outside of your Xbox controller, mouse and keyboard

It seemed to run good on my series x at first, but now it is stuttering like crazy, especially the quickview modes (look like a slide show)…There are also pauses and small stutters all throughout flying…I have the rolling cache file set to 32gb, and I have tried every setting on my tv (4k on, 1440p on, VRR on/off, 120hz/60z, etc), and no luck…It’s always the same…I am playing on an LG Nanocell90 tv with VRR and 120hz built in, so there is no reason as to why it does this. Also, what is really weird is that I have an Xbox series S as well, and the game runs great on that console .I know it’s running in 1080p on the S, but there is hardly any choppiness or stuttering at all…I wish I had an answer for this crazy issue…


Also, whenever I try to run the game at 120hz 4k or 1440p with Freesync on, my tv screen gets rapid sporadic mini flashes constantly…I have to turn off the freesync if I want it to stop whenever I’m trying it at 120hz…Why??

Is Asobo even looking at any of these issues on the series x??

The sim has been much more stable in the past 3-4 weeks on Xbox (Series X), compared to immediately post SU5. I’ve experienced very few CTDs, but I have limited my flights to 2hr maximum. I’ve heard several reports of CTDs that seem to occur at longer flights.

I have many problems.

  • The controls stop working mid flight
  • Rudder controls don’t work when taxiing
  • Flaps change on their own during takeoff

It is impossible to take off using the seaplane in Victoria Harbor (Victoria, BC Canada)

in the middle of the Themes in London, if you fly down the Themes towards the See, you’ll see a “cliff” in the middle of the river…

If you fly over the Gorgre in Victoria, you will see that it is surrounded by cliffs when the land is only 3=5 feet above the sea level

If you take off from Hilo in Hawaii, and land, you can never take off again

The control issues were random, until after the latest “update” from MS, now the game is unplayable for me.

If I could return it I would. If you bought an appliance, and it didn’t work, you’d get your money back, with Microsoft, they just take your money and leave you hanging with garbage software.

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