XBOX Series X - Crash On World Map

Just thought when things were getting better tried a flight this morning and CTD 3 times. Wanted to do a flight from Oxford to East Midlands and as soon as I tried to enter the arrival destination it crashed. Next attempt just entered the departure field and everything loaded up, still very hit and miss on stutters and screen lock up. Both these fields are default ones

Same here with the CTD since the SU9, today I even reset my Xbox to factory default and reinstalled the game and world updates which took 6 hours and around 150GB of data and on the first flight out of EGLL boom it crashed to xbox main page. So frustrating, this is the same reason why I gave up on MSFS years ago and switched to Xplane

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Just tried 4 flights out of Southend to Edinburgh on the A320, got to pushback and crashed everytime. I’m using Hotas one and mouse

2 CTD’s in quick succession last night from the world screen - both reported through the X box “Report a Problem” app. Strangely no CTD’s in a two hour session yesterday afternoon but the World Screen was definitely not fluid… there are other things going on here as well which is why it’s complicated to find any work arounds. I got rid of some of the in-game stutters through uninstalling my Vessel traffic packs -Seafront Simulations are apparently working hard to find out what has changed in SU9. It’s worth reading a couple of their streams - there may be something going on with object draw distances in traffic - turning all my traffic settings down helps with stuttering inside the game but as last night showed, didn’t fix the craggy World screen and CTDs from there. All in all this is an unacceptable situation for all XBox users - the constant CTDs are a real sim breaker…

I had two CTDs in a row this evening. Restarted my Xbox Series X and was able to load the game and fly. I am curious how many Xbox users are using Quick Resume. I always force quit out of every game and app.

Today was the first day I have had any CTDs since SU9. I flew in a live streamed group in the afternoon. Streamed a few bush trip legs through the Twitch app. I mention this to show I was putting the sim through it’s paces.

In most of the messages I have read no one mentions doing a Full Shutdown through the Power & Startup settings and I wonder if that would help. I have my Xbox on Energy Saver mode most of the time.

So annoying after a great take off head out from Southend do a quick circuit and head back, the sim starts to stutter I immediately knew oh no here we go CTD coming up few seconds later CTD. I know that we keep mentioning here about these CTD’s but come on MS do something. How can they call this " GAME OF THE YEAR" when we having these issues. Small independent games dont have what we are getting. We are talking about Microsoft.

Was live weather and/or live traffic turned on?

If yes, try again with them both off, for me its made a massive difference and i can at least fly again.

Hi, Answer to both is a NO. Never have these on

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I just turned off my live traffic and was able to complete a flight finally. VFR map working, not frozen. MCDU working and all other systems normal in the A320. Normal performance.


Just had another interesting flight from Sywell (Northampton) and headed north in my trusted steed the C172 20 mins everything going as planned. Hold on I can see a CTD coming COUGH COUGH SPLUTTER SPLUTTER COUGH COUGH - CTD Just like those old black white Buster Keaton films. For a company like Microsoft this is terrible.

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Yes, same here on the Series S. Never had these problems before and now I already re-started 6 times and it has become impossible to fly at all.

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Again tried a flight this morning, got passed World Map, taxi out to take off - CTD X 4.

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Hi All, Well I think this evenings efforts have to be the worst I have had. 4 attempts and everyone crashed when on the map. Its seems its doing the crash even when I try to slide the time bar back to a more of a day time setting instead of evening.

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