Xbox Series X review: Aerosoft's Nuremburg EDDN

Aircraft used: default & LVFR 320s, PMDG 738
Live weather: on

This airport is distributed by Aerosoft but is actually a collaboration between three devs: Captain7, 29Palms and LimeSim.


Despite being almost entirely done using medium-res textures the detail looks good, and there’s a lot of it. The terminal building looks great and has a modelled interior airside, complete with animated passengers. The landside is decent but, aside from the immediate terminal frontage, there’s too much default satellite imagery left in for my liking. Still, at least they’ve made some effort to model the kerbside. The landside detail extends quite a way from the terminal, in all directions, and I like that the quality is uniform. There are some bits and pieces modelled out on the approach to runway 10 but not much to see when arriving from the opposite direction.

Moving rampside, things go from fairly average to very impressive indeed. The ground textures are excellent, as is the custom clutter — however it’s the beautifully animated airport road traffic that really gets your attention here! I’ve probably spent a good hour over a couple of visits just watching what comes around the corner and the variety is superb — a steady stream of random vehicles, some with sounds and flashing lights, coming at you every few seconds! It’s incredibly immersive and LimeSim’s products seem to be the only ones to properly pull this off. These vehicles are not confined to the road around the terminal airside either — there’s a fire tender that sometimes drives out to the fire training area and, landside, there are custom buses that go about their business.

Another feature I really like are the functioning electric gates to the FAI ramp, which open and close to allow aircraft in and out. There are also animated people in every nook and cranny of the GA apron, going about their chores, maintaining and cleaning aircraft.


You might think that all this detail would impact performance and stability but it doesn’t. It’s flawless in both respects. I’m guessing decent performance was the motivation behind the decision to use mostly medium-res textures and if so, it’s worked really well.


Aerosoft’s airports are never the absolute best but they’re typically stable and usually offer something unique — and EDDN is no exception, with it’s variety of cool custom animations and good peripheral detail. Despite not being rendered in particularly high resolution, everything looks great until you get really close, the balance between detail and performance having been well struck.

LVFR’s static aircraft pack adds a few aircraft to an otherwise planeless terminal, thereby boosting the immersion offered by the bustling apron vehicle traffic.

EDDN isn’t an airport everyone’s going to want to fly in and out of but if it’s your neck of the woods — or you have an interest in flying around Germany — I can definitely recommend it!


To follow…