[Xbox Series X/S] Visual Downgrade - LOD Reduction

Went for a quick flight tonight to confirm I wasn’t just seeing things. This is what mountains looked like a couple of weeks ago in SU 10 on my XBOX:

These are mountains in SU11:

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I also think VRR is not working with SU11. On my LG CX the sim ran very smooth with SU10 on my Xbox series X. It now stutters a bit

Draw distance is certainly less now with SU11.

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Asobo has to give us back what we all have paid for

Do they know social media ?

Maybe information campaign should be done on it by users too …

Look at the Pyrénées !!! They are kidding ???

Whow !!! Even FS9 looked better with mesh on it…


Would be nice to use comparison photos, can’t tell the difference. I saw it as getting the images swapped. Also in one you’re right next to them and the other a fair distance.

Good thing I also took this picture from directly above:

And here’s one from 12 days ago with mountains all the way out to the horizon:

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This visual downgrade also effects paid airports somehow? I tested las vegas airport city bundle, NZWN, NZAA at su11beta alot, and now all looks strange, blurry textures, popups, at certain heights environment looks so bad. Shouldn’t paid airports not effected by this downgrade? I was so enjoying these airports on beta, everything was looking perfect. I afraid to test orbx nz mesh now. Even with downgrades at beta i was so happy, how come it got worse at release?

Positive vibes. I bought EGAA, EGPF, EGPG, EGPH, EKCH, KIAD, KMIA, LSZH, RJAA, orbx Himalaya mesh, both kodiaks. I appreciate all the hard work you guys do.

Look how i was so happy at beta Constant CTD’s on Xbox with 3rd Party Scenery & Airports - #338 by DrewmorKuZy

Can you please stop ruining my experience in msfs2020 please? Thanks.

Edit: and 1st ctd after 22 days, nzaa > nzwn approach. Glasgow airport was lagging freezing a lot but didn’t crash. 45mins ago just installed orbx Himalayas before testing 4 airports. Peace .

Yes, same here. This issue was present some time ago, but it was sorted and has returned. :roll_eyes:

I didn’t notice any difference with payed LFSB, LGAV, LEBL, EGGW and EFHK. Those are the ones i tested so far. Also, just be carefull what you wish for. Before you know it, they could all be useless again.

Good to know UnitedArt, enjoy. I switched to 4k 60 fps also after full reinstall, feels better than 120 no VRR so far. Thanks for the 4k60 tips. Have a great day.

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By the way to be a little positive, i have to say that weather experience is really great now !!!

Congrats at least for this !!


Those of us on beta were shocked when we saw the visual downgrade. At first I thought it was temporary issue related to servers as I couldn’t believe the blurry textures were intentional. Returning the to the sim the day after the launch of the Beta my heart sank as looked at area after area I couldn’t believe the washed out textures blurred backgrounds and flat featureless landscapes. Many of us raised the issue and believed this was temporary issue but over the course of the beta became more concerned that this was the price being paid for less CTDs. I have to say I was shocked to see no improvement on release of SU11 I think I’d been in denial at just how bad the degradation had been. At this point I’m very concerned about the sim on console and I’m struggling to understand how this could have happened. If it really is a strategic decision to ensure the current version runs smoothly across the X Box Platform then it’s an astounding decision. My hope still is this is a problem that simply wasn’t able to be fixed in time and was needed to ensure that content that had been promised and promoted for months could work properly on the XBox platform. The sad thing is that it does further damage to the reputation of this sim on console and nothing for those of us who have been advocates for taking simming seriously on the console platform. It’s a spectacular own goal for MS. We have the next development Q&A on 18th November and this needs to be front at centre of the discussion and not swept under the carpet. At the moment I’ll wait to hear what is said but this is an extremely depressing set of events for those of us on console. Like many I simply don’t want to switch on and fly at the moment.


If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor…

The game / sim is ruined for me by this. Deliberately making it lower quality is a bewildering way to mark the anniversary. I’d rather have a great experience even if it’s on the understanding that it’s pushing the capabilities and will occasionally (and it was, of late, only very occasionally) crash, than have a reliable but unappealing mess on screen.


Not sure if this will help but a community manager probably has some knowledge.


while on sim update 10 it use to look clear from begining , i done a lot of flights since the beta i can assure you there are areas that needed more than 20 seconds to get clear and im at a wired 200 mb wired no building no nothing just normal landscape there is a serious graphic issue with sim update 11


Looking at the beta reports I decided to take a picture at the exact same location and time on the SU10 and SU11 in SBSP at noon using the clear skies preset. Unfortunately on XCloud I didn’t notice any difference in LOD. Could it be that the resolution being at 1080p is not possible to see such a difference in LOD? :face_with_monocle:

Sim Update 10

Sim Update 11

Sim Update 10

Sim Update 11

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For a lot of us it is not just resolution ,the 3 D buildings etc do not fully form where they used to.


You should take a little altitude and come back with other pictures…

We are not foolish people telling lies inventing things , or loosing our time to write our unsatisfaction

Such a regression is for many of us just outrageous as WE all spend more time and money in it

Only few are writing on this forum but i am sure we are hundreds of customers to see this game ruining…

We , for the main number of users , have made the choice to give up with Addon like fstl , pmdg , track IR , VR… All what you can get with a very pricy rig . What i can’t afford

So at least , Asobo, let us our visual quality in place


Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but there has been a visual downgrade on PC as well. I just hope it’s due to server overload and not a permanent thing.


You mean downgrade on PC with SU11?

Yes, indeed. Textures are abnormally blurry and all objects have pretty low level of detail, no matter my graphics settings (I have everything on ultra, TLOD @ 150). Photogrammetry unusable, mountains lack terrain vectors. Overall, ground graphics look way worse than SU10 and the difference is clearly noticeable.