Xbox Series X - Toolbar Does Not Reappear After Loading Saved Flight State


Been playing on the Xbox Series X and must say the Simulator is very impressive. Played before for years on PC.


I have noticed an issue when I have saved a flight and then want to continue the next day. I noticed that the Toolbar is missing from the top of the screen. There is no way to get it to show at all. It’s extremely frustrating.

Basically I have started a flight from cold. Landed at the destination and then taxi and parked, turned everything off in the aircraft then saved.

Then when loaded back into that saved state the Toolbar never appears.

I could get it to appear after illegally taking off but it doesn’t appear when on the ground (when you actually need it to start the next leg of the flight)

Can we please get a fix for this. Loaded progress is just just no go as it stands.

Another issue separate to this but also to do with saved states is the fact that we cannot delete on console. Please also give us that option.

Many thanks in advance.