Xbox Series X Won't Do Screen Shots

I have recently been doing both screen shots and Clips with my Xbox, but during my last attempt at a screen shot I seem to be only able to take clips, even with a short press of the screen shot button. I haven’t changed anything in the settings and have restarted the console to no avail, any ideas will be appreciated.

I don’t have a solution for you unfortunately but I had the same problem system wide. Doesn’t matter if I’m using my controller or yoke so I don’t think it’s hardware. My workaround is to set both press and long press to screenshot and just use the menu to capture clips. A little cumbersome but works in a pinch.

I am pretty much sure your Xbox settings and not FS settings will have changed. So go into your Xbox settings and navigate to the Xbox take a pic part and change from video clip to pic at the press of your desired button

had this problem a few times. my solution was to take a few photos the old fashioned way , xbox button then Y button. they soon the screenshot button single press worked again for single shots

Yeah I realise that it’s not a FS thing. Done that and it still does it.

It’s not the sim. It’s your settings

I know that mate, hence my comment " Yeah I realise that it’s not a FS thing". But changing the settings in Xbox doesn’t change what it is doing.

This problem has now rectified “itself”