Xbox Slow Simulator Rate


I am regularly getting a bug where the simulation is running slow. For every minute in real time it’s running either 4 seconds slow or sometimes 8 seconds. (Measured using a Phone timer/stopwatch). It’s not just the clock running slow, it’s the whole simulator because, for example, if I set 2000 feet climb per minute, I am only getting 1800 feet. When the bug is not evident , I get the correct climb rate per minute. It seems to only happen when starting cold and dark, if I just set a destination and start on runway ready to go it never happens.

Also it never happens if I use my 3rd party Vision Jet. The TBM and CJ4 it often happens from cold and dark. I posted on this before and several Xbox users said they had had similar experiences.

I think it’s happened since the last SIM Update.

I thought I had figured it when every time it ran slow from cold and dark but then it started being ok from Cold and Dark!! I will keep trying to find a pattern but I wonder if a lot of pilots don’t realise they are running slow because it’s not immediately obvious.

I did a total re install and exact problem occurs.

Please help Microsoft.

Hi @Planckster,
Is this topic the same?

That topic has been logged in Bug Reports. If so, you may wish to contribute to it. :+1: