Xbox Splash Screen Stuck for More Than a Minute

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When starting the game, the “splash screen” (the screen that appears on Xbox while a game is loading in, before the company logos) appears for exactly 89 seconds (1 minute 29 seconds), even before the Xbox Game Studios / Asobo / Blackshark logos appear on screen. This makes getting into the sim unbearably long, as it still takes 3-4 minutes to load from the title screen. Prior to Sim Update 9, the splash screen was visible only for around 8-10 seconds. Now it takes 10 times longer. 100% reproduceable every time. (Xbox Series X)

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Start the game on an Xbox Series X and measure the time of the splash screen.

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No peripherals connected to the console (Xbox controller only).

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: (Sim Update 9)

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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I’m getting this extremely prolonged splash screen prior to the “Press any button to continue” screen every time I boot the sim on my Series X. I have nothing else installed on it except MSFS 2020. It adds a significant amount of extra time to the overall sim boot up process. This is something that I didn’t experience until SU11 Beta and it still persists with 1.29.30.

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I want to, again, reiterate this continues to be an issue.

I’ve just updated to beta and the splash screen took 1:17 to clear before I saw the Asobo splash screen. The remaining boot time was 2:08 for a total of 3:25 to launch the sim.

That is excessive.

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What is a major drag here is on my other Series X — that I don’t really sim on — the splash screen takes about 20 seconds to clear.

They both have the same installation in terms of Marketplace content, so it isn’t that.

The major drag here, is that the inconsistencies between the two identical Xboxes will make this issue not a straightforward one to diagnose and solve at the developer end.

I’m guessing a full reinstallation would probably solve the issue for me, however all of the aircraft custom camera views are stored in the Xbox’s Reserved Space for the sim and I’d have to redo them all, which is frustrating. Of course, there’s the other issue of a very significant amount of redownloading of all the installed Marketplace Content.

We need a better solution here than just “reinstall the sim” — especially since this isn’t a cure-all and the issue will, most likely, return.