Xbox Splash Screen Stuck for More Than a Minute

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When starting the game, the “splash screen” (the screen that appears on Xbox while a game is loading in, before the company logos) appears for exactly 89 seconds (1 minute 29 seconds), even before the Xbox Game Studios / Asobo / Blackshark logos appear on screen. This makes getting into the sim unbearably long, as it still takes 3-4 minutes to load from the title screen. Prior to Sim Update 9, the splash screen was visible only for around 8-10 seconds. Now it takes 10 times longer. 100% reproduceable every time. (Xbox Series X)

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Start the game on an Xbox Series X and measure the time of the splash screen.

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No peripherals connected to the console (Xbox controller only).

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: (Sim Update 9)

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