Xbox stability: scenery performance using the PMDG 737 as the test subject

But how can u enjoy/use a product that causes black screens when using a drone. I’m done for the day when this happens. I can’t do my procedures, let alone take off with my avionics disabled. I like a good looking airport offcourse, but most importantly it has to function.

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Try turning off photogrammetry as this worked for me to get these airports to run with the 737.

I admit, it’s a bit of a dampener but you only really use the drone a couple of times when you first buy a product. As long as I can have an initial nosy around without it crashing, or ditching textures, I’m happy.

SU13 seems to have greatly improved resilience to CTDs — isn’t that what we wanted?

I can’t speak for KSAT pre-SU13 but apparently it was crash central. KEWR too, according to some reports. I’ve flown in and out of KSAT multiple times now (including doing some circuits) and haven’t managed to make it CTD. A few BS incidents with the 320s but they always come back on after a minute or two. KEWR has given me absolutely no problems at all, and (unlike KSAT) is largely stutter-free.

The team responded to Xbox users’ requests to improve stability. They did just that, to a very noticeable and (in my opinion) satisfactory degree. And perhaps SU14 will further address the remaining issues?


I just bought Ini’s EGLL, but instead of putting my findings here I’m going to start posting more comprehensive Xbox reviews in the ‘World’ section of the forum. That way, those not following this thread (or wanting to read through hundreds of posts) can easily access the info.

I’ll likely get FSimStudios’ CYYC before the week is out so I’ll post a review of that too. I hope to do the same for all my airports but of course it’s going to take time…

Please appreciate that these reviews will be as honest and unbiased as I can make them, however they will be based on my own Xbox experiences, which may well differ from yours.

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Is the beta data collection still active? I can’t get the Vision Jet off the ground anywhere today for some reason, no black screens straight CTDs.

Hello @SArcher8818,

Yes, the Xbox stability data collection build is still available for enrollment. You can find instructions on how to install this build in the forum thread linked below. Please keep in mind that this build doesn’t include any fixes and is only for enhanced telemetry data reporting to help the devs troubleshoot stability issues for resolution in future builds.



I have always sticked to medium sized and good reviewed add-on airports and have never experienced issues with those I bought using the 737: I have used LIML, LIPX, EGGW, Ajaccio, LIRA, Kyvat, EGPH, EGAA, RJFF. Since SU13, and hearing comments here I have started getting larger airports such as KSAN, KBOS, KDCA, KEWR, and RJAA and still haven’t experienced any black screen or CTD. The larger airports do struggle a bit with FPS during taxing and landings. I have always left live traffic, and live weather on before but what I feel now is that turning off live traffic does help when flying out of hubs that otherwise can be heavy on traffic and affect the console accordingly.

Yes, but i treat black screens just as bad as CTD’s especially at the cold&dark stage of a flight. I can deal with black screens after touchdown however, although it’s not ideal obviously.

That being said, how is EGSS performing lately for you? I haven’t got it yet, but it’s almost a must have if you do Ryanair ops.


Better since SU13 but you still need to be a bit careful. I’ll give it a more thorough go later and report back…

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Hi All,

I love fligthsim, totally gutted that i am having a game destroying problem which for some reason does not seem to impact you good people, although I have found many other Xbox users with this problem, and yet you are talking about complex aircraft with additional scenary and having a great time.

The problem is the SIM rate slows down. Flights take longer than they should, climb rate is less than indicated etc. I have not touched the optional SIM rate change.

You can easily see it’s happening by keeping an eye on any cockpit clock , watch the seconds passing.

Sometimes it’s as soon as you start a flight, sometimes it slows later in the flight.

1000% it does not happen in aircraft with simple avionics, but does happen with the GNS1000 or 3000 etc.

Could I ask you to double check that the time passing in the SIM is in fact real time. A simple test is to start a stopwatch or timer on the start of a minute on the cockpit clock and see if you get the minute in real time. For me when a real time minute is up, the clock is on 52-54 seconds, so it’s slow. It’s not just the clock, I checked. For example set a climb rate of say 2000fpm and time the minute, you get ~1800ft not 2000. Flight elapsed time is slow also.

I have raised a bug report, found many others with the problem but I am left wondering if a lot of people are not realising it.

Or tell me to go away, that ok also.

Kind regards


Not specific to the 737, but I can confirm that if I take off at say 4PM my local time (on my clock radio) and using Live Time and Weather, in the default 787, after a while in flight my clock radio might read 6:10PM, but in the sim it might be 5:52 PM (for example). Does not take long to be significantly different (Xbox X).

Thank you. That would be much appreciated. I have till tomorrow evening to decide. But it’s just 8,50 euro in the sale. KLAX is doing fine, right? So is EGLL?

KLAX was solid as a rock for me before SU13 so I doubt you’ll have any issues (although of course I can’t guarantee). EGLL isn’t as stable as KLAX but it is very good — I’ve only had one black screen incident and that was with the PMDG 738, after arrival using various external views, followed by a good 15 minutes with the drone (live weather on also, and running LVFR’s statics pack, which adds a lot of aircraft to EGLL).

I’ve not really tried EGSS much since SU13 so, as I say, I’ll try it this evening and let you know. But it wasn’t great pre-SU13, particularly with the 737.

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So…this is what I thought. What you are not realising , potentially, is it’s not just your time that is wrong, the actual SIM rate is slow…so you have taken longer than real time to cover the distance you are flying. Another way to prove this is , in calm winds, set a climb rate of say 2000ft a min , start a stopwatch, and you will see you won’t make 2000 gain in a real time min, you will fall short.

It’s about a 6 - 8 second per min slow down.

I did pick up on it the first time when I was heading I to Ireland and I was thinking, it seems to be taking a very long time to complete this flight.

That’s when I started staring at the clock seconds thinking they are ticking over very slowly.


I purchased inibuilds EGSS during the sale. I’m using an Xbox Series X and I found EGSS to be far too unstable to use with high fidelity airliners such as the PMDG 737. So unfortunately, I chose to get it refunded.

In my experience (on the Xbox X), it routinely caused black screens and CTDs that prevented me from setting up the aircraft and departing, or just viewing and enjoying the scenery. In addition, the very low LOD was too distracting for my liking. For example, I would move a very short distance away from taxiway lines and they would reduce to a barely visible blur and often remain that way even when I moved closer again. Similarly, moving only a short distance from 3D objects resulted in them being reduced to grey coloured low resolution objects right in front of my camera view.

More broadly, I’ve found inibuilds airport sceneries to be very hit or miss. Some of their large and well detailed airports run without problem in my experience on Xbox Series X (such as KDTW and KOKC), whereas others that appear similarly detailed just don’t.


Agree re EGSS.

You all need to try their new Southampton. I’ve just had my mind blown… :smiley:


Thank you for your response. I was warned by @JakTrax78 as well. It’s a pass for me.

By the way, I saved money on the new LVFR A330 also. It is plagued with black screens at this time on Xbox.


Awful streak lately with the 737, airports and routes I previously had no issue completing are CTDing at an alarming rate. I’ve completed one flight in the last 3 days.

I really don’t get the problem anymore, I fly the same routes all the time why they are crashing hard this week and not last is beyond my comprehension. Thankfully I opted-into the beta so I should be providing a lot of good metrics to Asobo.

There’s your problem right there: the new beta. It apparently causes an increase in crashes, which unfortunately seems to be an unavoidable by-product of collecting the crash data.


Unfortunately I was getting the crashes before opting into the beta this week. I turned it on Wednesday, Tuesday I had two Vision Jet CTDs.

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