XBox Users: Expansion Hard Drive

My XBox X with 1TB hard drive is already full. I have already uninstalled Elite Dangerous and most of my Grandchildren’s favourites so I have taken the plunge and bought the expansion hard drive from Microsoft, the cost was horrendous almost as much as a new XBox S. I am hoping that future downloads will automatically find the correct storage area and load without any noticeable delay. It is an SSD so fingers crossed. Has anybody any tips on how to manage downloads, do you have to manage them?

You don’t need to manage the storage - the system will handle it for you.

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I was hoping for that, I was dreading having to reinstall. Thank you.

It automatically downloads to the main storage on the device (on my Xbox series x) anyway but you can designate the default drive for downloads should go.

It’s also easy to manage your storage and you can easily transfer to the plug in card drive and it takes about a minute or so for a 35gb.

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I’m currently running a series x with 2tb internal, 2tb external HD and 1tb ssd expansion card.
Msfs loafs onto my internal drive, Elite Dangerous is on my external HD and other games are on the ssd expansion, I get no problems with loading times I just have to choose where to install newer games.

P.s. you uninstalled Elite? Shame on you Cmdr lol o7

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I have it backed up on an SD external drive but have never played it fro an external drive. I am hoping I still have my fleet!

The 1tb Expansion drive that plugs in the back is exactly the same spec as the internal drive so it basically gives you 2tb of the same spec storage.

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Ladies Gents thank you, it has arrived. I plugged it in and all seems good, I am hoping to get some time on XBox at the weekend and will see how it works out!


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