Xbox users, save your money & mind peace

As much as i enjoy msfs on xbox and xbox will remain my platform I think right now the only way to not get mad is to really lower the expectations (if not erasing them completely) on default planes fixes and avoid spending any additional money on it

Default planes/systems are not receiving any care (we may get the a320 neo with a correct climb power and that’s it, while tons of other basic planes are bugged since months and months)

Marketplace planes are missing features (and these are not highlighted in the marketplace description) in the vast majority of cases and most of reviews i saw are breezing on key elements such as dme, radio/nav, gps not working as it’s nothing

Can’t really tell on scenery since I only bought NZ mesh and stayed away from airports and other scenery since CTD’s and issues are well documented

The reaction time on major bug fixes is absymal and even on a bug fixes patch seems to be lots of them are overlooked (constraints bug still a thing, I mean, how can it be after months and months to still have such a major issue, also considering there was time when they worked)

To sum up

  • Always double check YT reviews as lots of them (xbox themed) are not really addressing major bugs/issues

  • Avoid spend money on 3rd party content if not 100% it’s all there and confirmed (use the forum, it’s full of nice people ready to help)

  • Assume that default planes are not going to be fixed

  • Assume you are not going to see any “study” level plane in the short-mid range

-Pick something is working and enjoy it (props to the EMB110 which is literally saving my entire experience and also should be an example on make 3rd party planes that works on xbox)

It’s a bit of rant this one but even if I’m not expecting anything from marketplace updates anymore some recent news on sim update really got me a bit mad and felt the urge to share

stay safe folks


I’m with them. There seems to be no other way than to turn off the money supply. This is the only “means of pressure” that is understood in every language and also works. The community here works hard on error analysis and processing for the developers. But you don’t really feel any improvements as a result. and if so, we broke something again on another corner. And when you can calmly buy addons from the MP without sifting through all the forums, whether they cause any errors or CTD is anyone’s guess.

I havent spent money on addons for this game yet, why *(this is on PC) because they cant seem to be able to keep the sim stable. One day flies like a champ the next day crawls like a drunken slob, so Im holding off on spending money on the sim. I have already bought a netgear modem and router combo to eliminate bufferbloat from the equation. But still no consistency for me.

Of course if no one spends any money buying addons its quite possible the MS will pull the plug on this adventure just like they did on the two before it.

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That’s also possible, yes. but at the end of the day what counts is what you have in your pocket € or if you could have done it right. a deviation that ms must take. the users are currently only passengers who decide whether they ride or not.

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Agreed with all of the above. I can barely fly a full flight without the game crashing

It’s strange how everyone’s experience varies on XBox regarding CTD. I could see it more on the PC platform given all the combinations of hardware and related drivers.

I hardly experience CTDs. I have a few 3rd party planes and a couple of 3rd party scenery packages. I will play for a few hours at a time but mostly shorter flights 15 to 30 minutes. A long flight for me is about 1 hour so I don’t know if longer marathon sessions plays into it. I almost never use quick resume. When I’m done I quit MSFS and I shutdown the XBox.

The one time I had a noticeable increase in CTD was after WU7. (I had started using MSFS when WU6 was already out.) The fix for me was to delete my rolling cache. Since then I’ve run the game with and without the cache. It doesn’t seem to make a difference for more or less stable behaviour and I haven’t made up my mind whether performance is better or worse regarding the odd stutter. Even though I’m on a Series S I don’t get stutters that often even in a number of the larger urban settings.

Having just gone though the issue with the HOTAS CTD prior to the SU8 .11 update, I can say if MSFS hits an unexpected exception it doesn’t handle it well (i.e. boom, CTD). We know that can be an issue with some scenery and I expect some XML or allowed WASM in aircraft. I’ve tested the ones I have and believe their OK and not causing issues.

My suspicion has more been around unexpected results coming from the servers the game connects to. Many of us have probably seen the message about no longer being able to communicate with online ATC. So, that exception is handled gracefully within the game so to speak. A lot of things can break or behave badly between the 2 points of client / server communication even if the servers themselves are fine.

So, my suspicion for XBox users, given somewhat limited 3rd party add-ons and very few variations to the hardware (outside of game controllers and perhaps additional storage devices) is it doesn’t handle some types of data flow interruptions gracefully.

Since the SU8 mid-beta update I’ve only had one CTD when trying to start the flight (i.e. I hit the Fly button). Repeated the same flight plan and was fine so I have no clue why it happened. No CTD during flights, adjusting controller settings, internal / external views, etc, with the planes and scenery I have.

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