Xbox users, Welcome Aboard!

I had the same idea. Make sure your Xbox settings are set so that your Xbox doesn’t turn off after so many hours and so that your controller doesn’t either, as when the controller is disconnected the game automatically pauses.

Nasty indeed ! I’m a PC user with keyboard only, but my keyboard is complete…

First, make sure you have the most important things like Elevator up/down and Aeleron left/right to your XBox-controller. And also, better assign the Rudder Left and Rudder Right (for me it is Ins and Enter) to you Controller. Find buttons for it. Also, put Break and Handbreak on your Controller. All other things can be assigned to the keyboard…

Tip: to find settings, you can go through the long list, but you can also Search what you want: you can use the Search option in the Settings screens. When you type Rudder in the Search box, you get all rudder settings.

To solve the issue with the rest of it… the only workaround I can think of: is go to Controller Settings / Keyboard and just replace the cursor key things like Camera Left and Camera Right (Control-left and Control-right) with other keys. You could e.g. replace Control left and right with keys J and K.

Another issue to add for the Hotas one. I have created a custom mapping profile for it, which includes amended control sensitivities. However, when I close the game, I open it again to find that the sensitivities have reset to default despite the fact I apply and save them to that setup, so its annoying to have to go in and change them again each time.
Anyone know why this is happening and if there is a workaround? Thanks!

Loving the sim so far apart from that, currently completing mandatory isolation after travelling abroad and its helping the days fly by!!

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anyone know when current live events are coming to xbox, weekly events?

I’ve seen videos of the sensitivities not saving. I think its a bug that needs to be fixed in a future update.

I only use a standard xbox controller for everything. I did however make a few changes to controller sensitivity as the flying seemed twitchy.

Sensitivity +80
Sensitivity -80
Dead zone 30
Extremity 10
Reactivity 20

Same as above

Sensitivity +30
Sensitivity -30

Same as above.

Everything else default.
(Information found on Youtube c/o Huddison.)

I also later seperately added a combination of X + B to trigger the spoiler speedbrakes of the Cesna Citation CJ4 in external view to make life easier before or during landing. Seemed logical to me as X is brakes and B reverse throttle/thrust etc.

Nearly the same as me,i got my settings from a YouTuber.

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Well, I went to try it on my Series X today for the first time.

It doesn’t work at all.

In most of the menus the controller just totally fails to let you move the cursor/selection around. In some like the home menu, it works, and I can left-stick or d-pad around the menu and select stuff. But almost everywhere else the controller sticks and d-pad are inoperative.

I can’t even operate the function to reset the config to defaults as in the confirmation pop-up the A button doesn’t work.

In the discovery flight menu, the right stick works to scroll through the list of flights, but down only. going back up doesn’t work, and it’s impossible to move the selection cursor into the list as the left stick and d-pad are inoperative.

Was it too much to hope that a console version of the game wouldn’t ■■■■ the bed every freaking time the way the PC version does?


The problem is that the keys shown on screen aren’t necessarily the ones that actually work.

Once you figure that out it’s mostly fine but no, it’s not helpful.

It’s an XBOX controller. I’ve pushed all the buttons that exist.

Gonna try going to the Windows version and resetting all the control options there and see if that syncs on top of the XBOX version.

I would PAY for an option to stop using the cloud for ANYTHING relating to configuration, user data, career data, etc. It’s just NEVER helpful when you have more than one system you use the software on. Like it insists that my high end gaming PC and my mid-tier PC in the livingroom MUST have the same graphics settings (rolls eyes). And now it decided to apply all my Windows PC settings to the XBOX. I mean, ■■■??

I think they need to increase server capacity even more. There are many people, especially on PC that are getting horrible bandwidth for photogrammetry and bing satellite imagery.


Interesting, some PC pilots were saying earlier that the graphics quality was back to pre-Update 5 quality. If that’s the case then yeah, they need to scale out more Azure instances and we can kill off this ridiculous “Xbox release ruined the game” talk.


Further problems I have experienced (Series X):

  • A320 AP does not function correctly. Very slow climb above 20,000FT, unable to change speed and VS knob doesn’t work.

  • Unsure whether VRR is working correctly on TVs with 120Hz capability. Seems to be a lot of stuttering and pausing when both options are enabled through Xbox.

  • Rolling Cache may not be working correctly.

  • Objects do not load in quickly when changing camera, usually more-so in external view. Very noticeable ‘pop-in’ across aircraft, terrain and pilot avatars.

  • Xbox version does not have a LEGACY option for cockpit interaction, even when using mouse and keyboard.

  • Aircraft are usually too fast when landing, despite the correct procedures to land.

  • AI Trim is broken in Flight Assistant and does not work as intended.

  • Flight Assistant ‘recommended’ speeds are wrong for all aircraft.

  • ATC calls out incorrect altitudes even when not, asks you to expedite.

  • Rudder does not work on some float planes.

  • Performance improvements required. Using smart-camera drops the FPS by a large amount.

  • Keyboard commands do not always register, requiring several presses.

  • Toolbar line doesn’t hide.

  • Invite to Group (multiplayer) does not work, always says someone left the Group.

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FS2020 looks amazing on XSX, but the A32NX FLYBYWIRE is sorely missed! Default A320 is a really bad aircraft. Hope to be able to fly the A32NX on XBOX soon!

“A320 AP does not function correctly. Very slow climb above 20,000FT, unable to change speed and VS knob doesn’t work.” This bug is truly annoying. I’ve missed several long flights because of him.

Anybody have any recommended planes to use that have the features of autopilot, ect. that are working correctly ?

This game is incredible thank you! I bought the voyager pack as a way to support as i play om XSX gamepass, and have 2 questions

  1. Im doing Bush trips and would like to understand this better. I follow the ° on the Navlog but end up way off course from where the white line on the VFR is showing me to be. It would be a lot easier if all the POI destinations were marked on the VFR but a lot arent so its to know whether to look for visual clues as suggested in the Navlog, just follow the VFR and switch the Navlog off entirely, or a combination of both? I struggle to know exactly when to reset the stopwatch so I dont find that a reliable means of navigation. Anyone have any tips please?

  2. Is there a way to restart a Bush Trip? I have one that saved in a bad place and I cant complete it.

Does anyone know if the Thrustmaster TCA side stick/throttle quadrant works with MSFS on Xbox?

what exactly are you looking from autopilot. i’m newbie in msfs but i flight ifr with bechcraft g58 with autopilot: climb and descent, following a route, capturing a glide path and following a glide path…

Just compare the map with the ground. Plus you can take a look at the GPS map in cockpit for the comfirmation (there’s planes position there). I use nav log just to see how the next runway looks to know what to look after on the ground. Never started the timer tbh.
This game is just great. I’m playing with Hotas One, mouse for menus/cabin and controler for external view.
All this game needs is replay system, more jets and some kind of career mode. Hope they’re working on those while I learn how to operate and fly the planes.