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Hey guys, I need your help. I am playing on Xbox Series X and I can not change the weather to “live weather”, keeps switching back to “clear skies”, do you know how to fix this problem? It is getting really annoying.

Ah ok,Huddison is another one i watch maybe he has something.

Are you showing in a group at all? I had this issue the other day and it stopped me from changing weather etc.

The way I fixed this was getting an invite to another group then leaving it and everything was back to normal.

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I was in a group with my brother a week ago when the game released, but we are no longer in a group. So you suggest we get back in a group together and then just leave the group?

the only 100% solution that works for me to follow glide path is:

  1. find ILS frequency of desired runway (adjust NAV1 with this freq)
  2. find exact direction of runway (press CDI button on PFD to activate LOC1 mode, with CDI knob adjust this direction), then you can switch to FMS\GPS mode again if you wish
  3. fly to your destination any way (for example using autopilot on FMS\GPS mode)
  4. when on final (your NAV1 band should be captured (frequency turns green)), press CDI button on PFD to activate LOC1 mode (not FMS\GPS or LOC2 mode) and then press APROACH button
    autopilot should then capture glide path (you only need to control your speed) and descend
    hope it helps and sorry for my english)
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Basically yes, but it can be any group. I looked on xbox for people looking for multiplayer and get them to send me an invite and then I left the group.

Have a read of this thread
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Thanks! I’ll look into it.

Thanks for the advice. How you can look for people looking for multiplayer? I want to give it a try.

Click on the burger button (3 lines)
click on game card
Scroll right to ‘Go to Official Club’
RB button to get to multiplayer
Then click on the groups and ask for an invite

It took me a couple of groups to get an invite but as soon as I accepted it, it then left the old group I was in

Thank you, appreciate your help.

No problem, hopefully it works for you.

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MSFS on Xbox Series S looks beautiful. Rock solid frame rate. Love the innovative use of the Xbox controller, such as “press A to interact” with instrument panel.

However, unlike with PC, it seems like a monthly subscription is required for online multiplayer? When I click “Change Xbox Live Privilege” it prompts me to subscribe to a monthly service. Can someone confirm this is intended functionality? If true, I will be asking MS for a refund for the Premium Deluxe edition. Why buy the sim outright if I am forced to subscribe to use it?

Do you have Xbox live?

Just re-read what you’ve said, you need Xbox live for multiplayer on Xbox.

You can use it by buying the sim outright, you just can’t play online with anyone without Xbox live.

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Thanks! So Xbox live is not required for online multiplayer on PC, but is required for online multiplayer on Xbox.

I bought a Series S expressly for MSFS. I don’t really have any interest in Xbox live or Game Pass, but I do want to use online multiplayer in MSFS. I really hope MS reconsiders requiring a monthly subscription on Xbox.

Edit: received a refund for the Premium Deluxe edition. Will use on Game Pass while I decide whether to stick with this platform, or return the Xbox and go back to PC. Again, really hope MS reconsiders going down this path, which really dissuades folks like me who want to switch from PC to Xbox.

You can get xbox live very cheap for a year, or you can get game pass ultimate which includes xbox live as part of the package.


I’m loving MSFS on Xbox X too. Is there a way to connect a Logitech K780 Bluetooth keyboard or wireless mouse?

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I could be wrong but I think they have to have a single to connect to the Xbox. Have you tried to connect them?

I use a Logitech keyboard and mouse with a unifying receiver just plugged into the USB port of the Xbox and it works absolutely fine.

You will only see the mouse cursor appear when you start FS. Not in the main menu of Xbox.

You can get 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 99 USD.

It’s a bit of a hassle to get it for this price but I can confirm it works.

Google for " Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tip: How to get 3 years of access to hundreds of games for dirt cheap"

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