XBOX VA (Virtual Airlines)

Hi everyone - apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section… wasn’t sure where to post…

Now that the XBOX version of FS2020 is now out, anyone know of any Virtual Airlines which are (or are considering supporting) the XBOX edition? Not sure if they can integrate this into the marketplace or use a website where you “log” your flight hours and destinations?

There are many for the PC edition, interested to see if any come to the XBOX.


Yes would be interesting to see if VA comes to xbox, I doubt it will be through the marketplace.

Since there unfortunately is no SimConnect for Xbox and it would also have to go through Marketplace I don’t see an VA coming in the near future, but I have hopes for the future.

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There is Simconnect its just not activated yet, but when I contacted Asobo about it they said they are looking into it to get it working on Xbox too. For that to get working there needs to be an update to the Xbox OS Software first.


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