Xbox version fs2020 DFW install jssues

I have the latest build version of fs2020 on Xbox. I am not sure why but USA world update 2 will not fully install. It seems to be missing DFW. I have tried to uninstall the USA package and reinstall but the same thing happens. Any ideas?

Try installing it in parts. For me it was always the same airport (Knoxville?) which loaded again and again.
Installed everything else, then stopped the MSFS completely, then installed the missing airport.

Unfortunately this didnt work. Maybe some other suggestions?

I’m having this issue on Xbox with one of the AirPorts in the German/Swiss/etc world update. Tried uninstalling the update but the problem-AirPort remained installed and unable to delete it individually as well.

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I finally gave up and uninstalled the whole program and reinstalled and it worked. But a big pain

Too late, but in most cases there’s no need to reinstall all the game due to download isssues. Restart the box within the settings (Settings-Power Mode&Startup-Restart). Just like Windows :grinning:.