XBOX version - positive thread

I’m looking forward to the xbox release for the potential of bringing in thousands of new simmers into the fold.
I’m so interested in this that I will start looking at companies related to flight simulation, either software or hardware, and see if there are positions in those companies that i could possibly fill in order to help them with the anticipated increase in business.

I think its great that its coming to XBOX. The only people who get all upset and negative are some of the “study level” simmers who sit for 17 hrs in front of a PC wearing a Captains hat and cant handle the fact that soon gamers are gonna be doing loops in A320s on 4K TVs hooked up to powerful consoles :grinning:

But jokes aside Im very happy that a flight game on console is coming. We need more people to get excited about flight and perhaps even consider it as a career.

I dont own an Xbox but I am SO interested in hearing about how the game runs on it, specially the powerful Series X.

One question I have is - will the sim be easily moddable on console? Since Xbox pretty much runs a version of Win10 will gamers be able to access and grab mods?

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You would have to show me date stamped screenshots to convince me there has been a rollback in quality.
I boot up my sim and am not seeing any degradation from some of my early screenshots. If nothing else, I have noticed a continual, small, improvement in performance with each update. When I started back in August I was flying at 25-30 fps. Last night I was cruising along at 55. This suggests to me that the road to the XBox has resulted in performance optimizations without an impact on quality. That is a good thing, I believe. It also means that moving forward, as the sim becomes more complex, they will be forced to maximize those optimizations to be sure it continues to ‘wow’ the XBox users.

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That’s not true. I am also a very negative person and nit-pick on whatever I can, here and in life. You should see me in city traffic. One red light out of 10 traffic lights, I am instantly moaning and complaining how they messed up the traffic light phases and whatnot. And I do not sit 17h in front of a PC. I am just a negative person, just like that.

I am really looking forward to the console crownd flooding this forum. It will resemble an avalanche rolling over trees and flattening everything in its path. The trees would be the hardcore simmers.

Edit: typos. (typical laptop keyboards, to tiny to hit the keys reliably. Just stupid. Whoever did that layout should get fired. What a joke)


I like this topic, keep it positive please. I have an older cyberpowerpc and am tired of ctd and other. Had to go back to old driver amd rx580 radeon 20.10.1 today, stay here till Xbox version!

Yes I agree which is why I made sure I said some of the study level simmers. Not all are like that of course :slight_smile: I never paint a group with the same brush. Always bad apples everywhere but the vast majority are nice people!

I just remember some very jaded negative comments from people like that in various forums through the years so thats why I couldnt resist a poke at some of them wahahaaa :grimacing:

And yes I know what you mean about laptop keys! My friend has a Chromebook and the Enter key is ridiculously small!

yes I am, even though I really enjoy my fs2020 on my gaming laptop. Only 1 ctd ever and the performance for me gets better and better, occasionally a hiccup. I think having fs2020 on the series x, will be quite smooth, bececause everyone will be running essentially the same system instead of vast differences in pc hardware, drivers, performance etc. keyboard and mouse control are coming too , so at 499$ this will be great for people who really cant afford high end graphics cards and components with possibly no major improvement, and maybe problems. I don’t believe it is going to be dumbed down either

I was a goober last October and listened to the crowd to wait for the 3000 series Nvidia cards when I could buy and have a 2070 or 2080 Super shipped to me in less than a week.

Now that Gpu cards are next to impossible to come by, with no productive news in sight, being able to play MSFS 2020 on a Xbox is ■■■■ near a dream come true.

I’m trying to be as honest and rational with myself as I can. I’m 29. Is spending close to 2 grand for a tower, high refresh rate monitor, and all the peripheral‘s that come with it wise just to play one single game?

As long as I can plug in a keyboard, mouse, and a joystick, into a Series X that’s all I need. I still have access to the Sim Marketplace where all the aircraft worth a ■■■■ will be available.

There are many upsides, there are some downsides, but if that means I get access to this beautiful simulator for $300-$500 USD count me in!


I don’t own an Xbox…PC guy here but I’m all for an Xbox version. It will bring in a whole new group of users and more importantly, sales for MS. Sales equals support for years to come and also a thriving add on community as well.

What will be funny though is the first Xbox users rolling into these forums complaining…performance, graphics, crashes, etc. On the PC side, they can get away with it at the moment because they keep promising big things in the future…Console players won’t wait around…They will move on to the next big console exclusive within weeks or months. This will push MS/Asobo to make the Xbox version as polished as possible, and that will benefit the PC version as well, I hope…

I would actually expect there to be less performance issue’s or CTD’s due to the fact there are no variables between hardware on the Xbox consoles a test on one console should mean it should work for anyone with the same console.
Also the settings the game use should be optimised by Asobo for the console so performance shouldn’t be an issue.

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I don’t see any sort of downside to an Xbox version. It’ll increase the developers’ budget even more and recruit tons of new simmers. People will be more willing to give simming a try because an Xbox is half as much as a kickass PC that you need to have a proper experience. Who wouldn’t want this to happen?


I’m all for it.

In general I think that the Xbox version will benefit pc users as well: the game will need to be very well optimized to run at the advertised 4k resolution on an Xbox and given the current price of graphic cards if they get this right including peripheral support this will be a win for everybody.

That aside, assuming the Xbox crowd is generally younger than the experienced Sim enthusiast it will be a great way for the new(er) generations to try something new. In this case certainly a good thing.


Just to keep the positivity going, I thought I’d share a couple of snaps of my ‘chairoplane’ set up that I mentioned above.
It’s all a wee bit heath robinson, but should get the job done.:grinning::+1:


Has anyone seen when they say DirectX12 release is? I feel like this is going to be the day we all get to enjoy the sim on Xbox. I can’t find anything on it.

I think it will come on PC before, to test a little. And Xbox will come soon after (if working as expected).

I agree, but I feel it’s the key piece of the puzzle.

I love FS2020 on my gaming PC, but I’m also looking forward to the Xbox version because living room + controller sounds perfect for casual VFR flights on warm summer days, sitting in the blast of the air conditioning and drinking your favorite cool beverage… :wink:

It won’t serve all simmers’ needs but that’s fine! It doesn’t have to. That’s why we have computers too, for the fiddly bits! :smiley:

Sure it is. And i think Xbox, and so DX12, is the main target from the beginning. both PC and xbox version will benefit from each other

Folks on Twitter have noticed that the ESRB ratings board in the US has just certified the Xbox Series X/S version of Flight Sim. This may or may not mean anything, although those ‘in the know’ about video games say that this normally means a release is fairly imminent.

Only a week and a half to go until the big Xbox E3 showcase when hopefully we will get more news and a firm release date!


Could we be getting some news about the Xbox version as soon as this Thursday?

I’ve noticed that the Development Roadmap has for some time had a mystery ‘Trailer (TBA)’ scheduled for 10 June.

Coincidentally (or perhaps not!) this also happens to be the date of the Summer Game Fest 2021 (an online event previewing some of the big game releases happening this year) which promises, among other things, ‘world premiere showcases’ of upcoming titles. Hmmm.

I still think this Sunday’s Xbox / E3 event is the more likely occasion for news (and a release date announcement) but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got something on Thursday.