XBOX version - positive thread

Since the Xbox E3 showcase is this Sunday, I’m kinda hoping for this:

  • Xbox logo, with that movie-like voice that says “Wooorld Premiiieerrrre”

  • More gorgeous flight simulator gameplay from around the world

  • Suddenly the video slowly zooms out, revealing that the gameplay is on somebody’s television screen, with a Xbox Series X nearby, and you see somebody on the couch with an Xbox controller

  • The video fades to black, and the text appears:


  • We all download and play with working copilot and AP features, and no crashes


I like the sound of that! I am not convinced that they will release it immediately. This is technically the first major next-gen console exclusive for Xbox and I think they will want to allow a bit of time to build some positive buzz and PR ahead of release. I’d love to be wrong though!

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I’ve long suspected this may be the trailer for the XBOX version. We have to wait for an official announcement, of course, but unless something goes awry, it’s quite possible the next sim update in July will be DX12 along with the release of the XBOX version.


Tuesday July 20th is apparently the actual release date for the Xbox version.

Apparently this comes from the briefings to journalists ahead of Microsoft’s big E3 show on Sunday.

July 20th would be a great release date, with five or so weeks post-E3 to really build up some marketing momentum and hype. It also looks like it coincides with the mid-July release of the next PC sim update as well.

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