XBOX360 Controller and Throttle Delay Time

Hi, I’ve set the throttle increase and decrease commands to my XBOX360 controller. But I feel a pretty heavy delay between me pressing the button and the throttle actually going up or down in the game. For example, if I press the throttle increase button, it takes around 1s to the throttle actually starts to move up in my C172.

Any thoughts about this?

If you look at external view in some planes you can see throttle %. If you push A or B quickly you can see it move 1% at a time. Hold it longer and it will start to move alot and quickly. I think it’s just the nature of using an analog button to control it. Also on planes with reverse thrust you have to be careful when just trying to cut throttle, or you end up activating reverse. But watching it move 1% at a time will give you a better feel for how it’s working, and allow you to adjust it more precisely.

I understand, but this does not happens with X-Plane :confused:

Nevertheless, thank you :slight_smile:

i am in the same struggle as you right now. I used the right analog stick as throttle control. I am playing with the sensitivities to get the right feel. It is frustrating. I will let you know if i make a good progress.