XCub and Be350 King Air black screens

The screens on the XCub and Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft are shown in black.
I have checked that the plane is well lit and I am correct .
They have not worked since World Sim Update 5.
I have tried to remove and return the planes and it is not solved. Nor if I reinstall the game If anyone else has had this problem, please help me.
They are two of the planes that fly the most and I don’t want to have to leave them.
You may have a corrupted file in the airplane folder, but reinstalling it does not solve it.

Getting the same issue, right now.

Edit: OK - think I found it, it was a particular livery causing my issue. Changing livery worked.

@johano21, Ok, thank you for your answer. I’ll keep it in mind and try to see if it works for me.