Xcub crafter weather radar?

I have a question. Where can i enable on screen weather (NEXRAD) display in XCub Crafter, if it has one?

I’m betting it doesn’t have one. If it did, there should be a radar pod on one wing.

Edit: Unless it’s a satellite service… Not sure.

Yeah, NEXRAD is a subscription service, but you can get a weather service over ADS-B, too (in the real world).

Here’s the G3X Quick Reference Guide from Garmin:

Weather is optional on it, and I’m not sure whether the MSFS one has it (I’m not at it right now).

BTW, for the XCub, there’s a really nice set of free XCub and G3X mods from Bush League Legends, as well as some really nice free paint kits:

Bush League Legends - MSFS Mods

The alpha working title G3x mod has working weather. The performance mod is top notch. Like he said above.

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Thanks for clearing me up! By the way - shoot me a message when you can. Got something you might like…

Wait, which one do I download to get the weather in XCub?

On BLL’s page, you see the performance mod for the XCub at the top, then scroll down a bit for the G3X. You want both. :small_airplane: :smile_cat:

Is it the Download Alpha 8 or from Working Title github repository?

I’m quite unsure, it’s first time im trying to install GA plane mod.

The alpha is the one I’m using.

Okay that should help. Does it have weather? I want to ask because I am currently flying above amazon forest in pitch black night and I would like to have weather radar.

@tclayton2k said it does; I haven’t tried the weather page myself. :small_airplane: :smile_cat:

Alpha 8 is current build. I don’t believe they have it on there GitHub site yet being alpha. Maybe once it goes into full release soon.

I couldn’t find it in the default either. I don’t have the G3X mod.

I have a related question. Real-world NEXRAD/ADS-B displays use an external data source - ground-based weather radar. Am I right in thinking that such data is only available in certain parts of the world? From what information I’ve been able to find online, that seems to be the case, though I’m not sure exactly what the extent of such coverage is.

Probably limited, yeah. Also there is a time lag with them that can be even up to 10 or 15 minutes.

I don’t know if the geographic limits would be duplicated in MSFS or maybe it will “just work” everyplace?

Well, the ‘NEXRAD’ display on my modded XCub happily shows the weather on the west African coast, which I think is rather unlikely to reflect reality. Does the ‘weather radar’ display on Windy.com show the limits of current real-world coverage?

I don’t really know? Plus not everyplace in MSFS has accurate weather yet?

No it doesn’t reflect “reality”. The real XCub gets its weather information from SiriusXM, which only has North American coverage. But I wouldn’t expect the mod devs to limit the coverage based on reality.


And I agree that it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect the mod devs to try to model the limits of available weather radar data. Presumably all they have done is added functionality already provided by the MSFS core. Ideally, that should probably match reality but I think Asabo have bigger concerns at the moment.


In the US, you can get NEXRAD radar from ground-based stations via ADSB-In for free with a suitable ADSB receiver. A company called Stratus has a popular unit that sits on top of the glareshield and receives ADSB transmissions. It is designed to connect to an iPad via WiFi. It works quite well in small GA aircraft that have a plain plexiglass windscreen. It is less reliable in larger aircraft with embedded heating elements in the windscreen.

For more detailed NEXRAD, Sirius-XM offers an aviation weather data feed off of the same satellites they use to provide their music programming. This is a subscription service and requires a dedicated aviation-approved datalink receiver with an external receive antenna. Garmin makes several datalink receivers designed to work with the XM system, and optimized to connect to various Garmin GPS receivers or the G-xxxx MFD.

AFAIK, both the ADSB and XM NEXRAD feeds are only available in the US. The NEXRAD in the G-xxxx appears to emulate the display you would get from the XM satellite service, but (unlike the real system) appears to work anywhere in the world.