Xcub custom variants

I agree that it is a shame. Luckily someone has posted a mod here on the MSFS Discord to improve the water handling of the default Cub ( as I stupidly had deleted my BLL version) and I too am having a great time flying this AND being able to taxi on water properly… Weekend Off in Ketchikan - YouTube

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All variants are still under performance review where possible… Its just the custom model of the floats and skis which has been halted due to the superior modelling of the base versions.

The performance mod will stay updated until asobo can match carbon’s accuracy I would guess…


I was not aware that the performance mod still affected the floats/ski versions.
That is great news.

I downloaded the latest performance mod, but had not implemented it for the flight. Will make another flight this afternoon

I was not aware there is a mod for the water handling. Will have to look at that

so the xcub performance+ is out of date?