XCub Lands on RC Model flying field

During the lockdown with no RC flying happening the next best thing is the Sim. (Life Saver) Let’s have a go at landing on my RC club’s field. Took off from nearby Compton EGHA to our field then on to Bournemouth EGHH.

Well was not that bad but still touch n go that I ran out of field! Our field looks like a postage stamp in the middle of a park! :smile:


OMG, where do you live that prohibits you from flying RC? That’s just awful.

In England we have been locked down for 3 months due to Covid. No gatherings of anyone at all. The only sport allowed was fishing! As of 29th March organised sports including RC flying at club fields allowed. Must keep social distancing. That is easily done. Our club have no more than 4 pilots in the box at any one time so no problem. Now I have to adjust from Sim to RC. There are some differences… :smirk: I have a large scale twin otter so would love to have a decent modelling of it in the SIM!
Waiting in anticipation…