XML gauges not showing!

I am trying to load an xml gauge and using the same format as fsx.
This is in the sdk under: Content_Configuration/SimObjects/Instruments/Panels

Shows that we can use this format. I get the gauge frame to appear but no background image.
So where should the cab file go? normally the gauges folder or the panel folder. So i am using the panel folder.
Has anyone figure this out yet?

Example in SDK

      gauge00=MODULENAME!GAUGENAME, 0,0,1024,768

It should work fairly easily.

The Vcockpit section of my Jabiru is as follows;


gauge00=J170-EFIS!EFIS-D10A, 0,0,512,350
gauge01=J170-SYS!ELECTRICS, 0,0,1,1
gauge02=J170-SYS!AUDIO, 0,0,1,1
gauge03=J170-SYS!AP, 0,0,1,1

I have folders (J170-EFIS and J170-SYS) within my aircraft’s panel folder as per FSX/P3D.

Do you have an example?

Having the same issues.
Importing fsx model works, things in the cockpit are interactable, but things like guanges, gps etc are not working. Tested with both extracted folder and cab file in the panel folder.

I shared an example from the sdk.

For my working example:
I have been testing the default fsx piper cub. So i am using the panel.cfg and removed the [Window01] sections as these no longer are supported. And for the gauge i used the cab file and a tried a regualar folder. The gauge is being recognized as it shows a black frame in the panel but the bmp images do not show.

Ah, so are you using an FSX MDL format (which is depreciated BTW) or the new GLTF format from the original source? That might be your issue.

Yes i am aware as the developer of this sim already said we can use legacy models.

I’m wondering if this xml support was planned, but didn’t make it in time for the release, as the OP is right, it’s in the SDK and should work.