XWind landings in Bonanza G36

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Aircraft default Bonanza
Real weather
Post SU6

I land on the center line of the runway ok and even a 4kt wind, not even direct xwind, just a little bit to the side direction, will make the Bonanza track towards the runway edge needing most of my rudder to keep it on the rwy. The second the aircraft contacts ground it wants to go left. I am not crabbed but lined up straight. A 3-4 kt wind is only a slight puff, not a huge xwind. Even a slow taxi needs lots of rudder to keep the aircraft straight.
I’d like to know if my hardware is performing poorly or it’s something in MSFS, especially after SU6.
I’m using Saitek rudders, which generally perform ok. Landing with 8 or 9 kts or more, from the side, would be a challenge.

It’s not your hardware, and it’s not specific to the Bonanza. Happens with all planes, and it’s been happening from day 1, there are lots of posts about that. After SU6 is more noticeable cause they decreased rudder effectiveness or something like that. Landing or taking off with crosswinds, even mild ones is very awfully modeled. So is ground handling.

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FYI, I checked my rudder settings and you wouldn’t believe what I found. All sensitivity settings relating to the left rudder and left brake were extremely low! It is obvious that I have never set my rudders like that and I would reasonably guess that something related to SU6 changed my settings. That said, there’s still some, less now, squirreling when the wheels touch the ground. After reading many posts on this forum, I changed the slope on my rudder pedals, giving it more of an “S” curve. This gives me a bit of early pedal movement where only a small rudder movement is coming in, before full deflection. It enables good deflection if I press a bit harder, without having to go overboard with pressure on the pedals.
Flying with real weather last night I landed several times with about 8 kts, head winds, x-winds and tail winds, all with good results. As I said earlier, still some squirreling on first contact (aliens) but much better. I should have checked the settings after the update, before posting here. I haven’t fiddled with the rudder pedal settings since I loaded MSFS, last year, they have just always worked.

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