Yaw 2 motion simulator

hey guys]…last few days on kickstarter for the new Yaw 2 simulator
i was one of the very early backers, but cant wait as it looks awesome, and price is not bad
No i dont work for the company…lol
just thought id share as i believe once campaign over the priced could increase by 40%
there is a cas and chary doing a first impressions video…think it may have been xp11 but believe MSFS is definately supported

I Tried the Yaw 2 VR - The CHEAPEST Next Gen Motion Sim Out NOW - YouTube

kickstarter page

You might as well just get DOF reality and put your own peripherals & chair on it - cheaper and has 3 axis support.

What happened to their V1. Did that fail?

well i debated the dof reality h3…but this is cheaper and has way more movement 40 degrees roll, 70 degrees pitch and 360 yaw…plus they reckon the heave option they working on will be integrated into the 360 base for a small cost before shipping in september

as far as im aware the V1 did very well and they addressed any issues, this is just their new 2nd version
i think the V! was aimed more at the compact motion sim market

I bet 40 degrees of roll and 70 degrees of pitch comes with a weight restriction. Reliability and noise is also a concern.

It’s a good find and looks more consumer friendly than DOF.

i think all motion rigs have weight restrictions…but we have spoke on the discord channel about all potential issues, and believe the yaw team are trying to address all concerns. I believe they are using motors with chains to aid with the degrees of movement and also speed and accuracy.
I certainly have faith in this company…i was following the yaw1 for quiet some time. I was almost convinced to buy a dof H3 until they announced the yaw 2. Obviously the demo vids are using their prototype, and it looks good as it is, let alone any modifications they do before shipping

Sounds like you should ask them for a job.

lol…im in uk…they based in hungary
im just sharing my excitement with others…i hate parting with money, and the only motion sim ive been on was a mates dof h6, which was awesome…but i cant afford almost 4k, so when ive done my research, i decided to go with a dof h3 until yaw 2 was announced…so after watching the initial video, i pledged as one of the early backers. I have been following updates, vids and reviews for the last cpl months and happy ive backed. The kickstarter is due to end in a few days, so i thought id post here for others considering a motion sim

From online reviews it looks to still cause motion sickness and needs a 4 man team to put together (VoodooDE VR YouTube channel with the prototype). Plus, it’s mostly plastic which isn’t a bad thing in some instances - just a concern I’d have for the cost.

Good luck, and post back when it arrives.

well we all saw voodooDE review and wasnt impressed as it wasnt the best…cas n charys review was way better and informative, and if u listen to cas n charys review they mention the build quality is fantastic aswell as mostly all metal…but she did say the std version may or may not have some parts replaced with plastic. And i believe the 4 man team was there to set up as device is proto and they had to change from yoke n rudder pedals to wheel and racing pedals aswell as setup the software

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as for the motion sickness…think thats an individual thing, i can go on any rollercoaster and feel great with no sickness…put me on a pirate ship and im hanging over the side. It may take time getting use to i guess…but i know they have an integrated motion compensation solution on the yaw 2

Motion sim is great :grinning: got a dof reality p3 with 2x32 sabertooth chips. Really makes any sim games really fun. Only negative with it is that when you use vr with it there is little access to motion cancellation. There is but it wont even start on my pc. And steam keeps blocking it. So only way is to crank it down and only have tiny movements. Hope one day they fix it properly.

yaw team has addressed this with a hardware and software solution…not sure how well it works, but those who have tested say it works well

Just 3hrs left to pledge for the yaw 2 motion sim
im not affiliated in any way…just trying to help you guys get a bargain, as believe prices afterwards are going to be substantially higher
usind msfs in VR on this motion sim is going to be awesome, and i cant wait

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I’m selling my H3, I’m in NYC. If anyone is interested PM me.

I finally got the YAW2. I’m battling a “notching/judder/stepping” motion because it is a gear-based device vs. actuator.

So you are not happy? It really looks awesome , im thinking about yaw2 vs H3