Yaw damper and rudder trim in TBM 930


I am having issues with the yaw damper and rudder trim in the TBM 930.

Normally before takeoff the rudder trim should be in the green area to the right to counter propeller torque at full power. But if I do this the plane breaks heavily to the right.

As for the yaw damper it should have direct influence to the rudder trim. But is does not seem to have any effect. The rudder trim seems to take precedence. Is this expected?

My comparision is the HotStart TBM 900 for X-Plane 11. Since I have no experience with TBMs in real life maybe I just have wrong expectation.

What is your opinion?

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I found this also. I usually check it after setting YD and have found I trim it manually to get level. Not sure it’s meant to be that way. as you say AT on with YD should do this automatically.

Enjoying flying this one. Think it’s the most complete GA just now. Avionics seem to function well for IVR flights.

I’ve been programming flight plans manually via SimBrief and Navigraph rather than using the in game planner.

I can’t really feel much if any torque twist in this compared to the Hotstart which requires a ton of trimming.

same is even with torq set to none it still yaws right uncontrolable ay adjustment makes it worse I find this an issue with all the prop planes they are way way to touchy

For take off I have rudder trim set just right of centre but not as far right to green marker (as think it should be) seems to keep the plane easier to control

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I’ll try that the mechanics are so god awfal I was expecting better honestly

A work in progress for sure!

ya am confident they wll tweak them My other issue is seems no brightness for the MFD displays and they are so bright you can barly see the runway…anyone know if there is a brightness I saw them in other aircraft but not any useing the tripple Garman displays,Wish i had the option for ol dial gagues

No option at moment, need sunglasses for night flying in the 930 at the minute :sunglasses::joy:

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Hell yeah, it’s hella bright in there.

My fantasy/pipe dream is that Hot Start decides to create an
equivalent TBM for MSFS 2020. I’m really enjoying the
TBM but one is often reminded of the limitations of the
MSFS generic model. Still, I’ve been around long enough
to remember when the generic TBM would have been a
best selling payware level product.


Yaw damper should be off for takeoff and landing.

As for rudder trim, I leave it halfway to the green band which seems to be the sweet spot on this aircraft. If I remember correctly, that’s not far off what pilots do in rw either, but don’t quote me on that.

Where is the rudder trim control on the TBM? I see the indicator for it on the MFD, but I can’t find the control for it on the instrument panel.

Rudder trim can only be changed by assigning it to a joystick function afaik.

Oh okay thanks.

It’s on the yoke. The trim thumb switch moves four ways.

It’s due to yaw damper not actually modeled in MSFS as of now, it is just a placeholder switch.

Strangely the autopilot tries to apply rudder to trim out the airplane, even for models without a yaw damper.
It does not react to adverse yaw or yaw oscillations, as when the AP is engaged, the yaw behavior is magically dumbed down. Also most aircraft in MSFS does not have very significant yaw movement to begin with.

I would say they are still far from realistically presenting the aircraft to users, either they decide to dumb it down for average users, or they are still using the stub model and full modelling may yet to come, after other more prioritized issues have been fixed.

The new MSFS is an impressive new start, but it still has a long way to improve.

I am still having this issues. TBM 930 Its my favorite aircraft but now every time I fly it, it yaw damper to the side causing the plane to slowly crash with autopilot on and forget hand flying It wont let me keep the plane stable.

If this is happening during take-off or not following your flight plan, after take-off, check to make sure your HSI is in FMS mode and not VOR.