Yes, you can go back from VR: Resolution not worth it?

Sky I’m also running a 1080TI and it works just fine in VR,
not using the G2 on the oculus rift S but running the sim with most settings max, clouds med I’m getting super smooth gameplay… im not using the tray tools i find this hinders the game… can see every gauge just fine with rendered at 100%


I do understand this, I can run Ultra everything on an ultrawide 1440p screen and it looks fantastic, smooth and no issues. VR looks good but still presents some problems with smooth playback and there is always a bit of a reliability problem. If VR would just work, like 2D does, then it would be so much better to use, day to day, but VR is still not 100% yet.

I’ve been struggling with clarity and stuttering issues with reverb g2. I’ve heard people saying it is better after SU6 but it doesn’t seem that way for me and I have a high end system with a 3090.
Still going back to using 2d is not appealing for me because only after getting into VR have I been able to fly and land inside the plane. I tried multiple head tracking things like trackir and even tobii but they were all very awkward for me at best and without that it is not natural inside the plane having to use my mouse or controllers to look around. With VR I just look where I want to look. Myself I could see using 2d for sight seeing and flying outside the plane but I really need VR to have a good experience inside the plane.
I’ve had some amazing experiences with the g2 on good days when it works better. I’ve pre-ordered the varjo aero and hope it really lives up to what people are saying.

I have a G2. I haven’t used it for months.

It’s the pitifully small sweet spot that did it for me, or rather didn’t do it. 50% of my concentration was spent trying to stay within it.

I’m not bothering with VR again until there’s another generation of head set and GPU, and likely not until the generation after that.

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Same here …

Fyi Lots of thoughts on same topic were posted here

I think some blurriness in VR is actually more realistic than overly sharpened images to the horizon in 2D!


I’ve got an RTX3080 and a 5600X with a Quest 2 and I’ve long since given up on VR. The sim just looks so gorgeous now in 4K with everything on ultra and 300% LOD. Highly immersive though VR is you also have to dial back settings to an old CRT TV level of detail to get anywhere approaching decent stutter free performance.

No doubt the future is VR but we’re a few years from that yet. RTX5080 GPU’s and Varjo quality headsets at consumer prices. I’ll wait it out and enjoy it on a monitor until then.


Who said I was leaving VR? It has its uses but enjoying detail in the landscape is not one of them.

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Never ever. With both oxr and rr set to 100 its absolutely awesome. Cockpit is sharp and I can count leaves from 3000 feet.

Ok, you need a 3080ti or 3090, thats insane, I know. Colours are better since Su6, lights are less blurred, clarity is way better than ugly SU5.

I have UW 3440x1440 too but going back to a flat world with all their distortion, the unnatural need of panning, no, no way.

I hope you will be back in a year or so with 4090 and Varjo Aero level headsets as standard.

Again, I’m not leaving VR – but to me it’s only useful for cockpit experience at altitude. I enjoy being “in the cockpit” but looking at the ground is mediocre at best. I’d really love to know what OXR and sim settings allow you to count leaves.

Flying around Tokyo at 1,500 feet is monochromatic and almost detailed enough…but not quite. The same experience 3440 x 1440 is world’s better for me, with realistic color saturation and honest detail. Guess that’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla…

It was good post su5!! Even recently I only started flying again because of vr but its becoming too blurry and its only happened recently. Will have a break until they fix vr.

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For me now it is VR or nothing. I spend many hours in VR each and every week and absolutely love it even with it’s current limitations. I am more about immersion than anything.


Cockpit immersion is definitely great, especially in something cozy like the P-38’s cockpit. Just wish the control tower, trees, etc., were not just a little bit fuzzy and color desaturated.

I have a g2 but rarely use it as I’m in the “details beats immersion” camp. I also mostly fly the CRJ or FBWa320 ona 3440x1440 ultra wide and feel I would get less from VR than if I was a GA guy. What does the pro-VR camp think of airliner flying in VR, still worth it to you?

I love flying the A320 in VR, but I am running Quest 2 at max resolution and 100 render scale in order to have the best view of the EFIS, and this is pretty taxing even for my 10850k 3090, so can understand why this is borderline for many.

Would be really great if we could run a lower render scale outside the cockpit, or even just some higher res overlay for the glass instruments. No idea if that is possible. Likewise I wonder if we could have monoscopic rendering outside the cockpit where I guess there is a lot of computational work in modelling so many buildings/trees twice, yet they are so far away that we don’t notice parallax etc.

Everytime I’ve been in the front seat of an aircraft (not enough mind you) I’ve never really gotten close enough to anything to see it in super clarity anyway… so for me the slight VR blur of everything outside the cockpit isn’t too far from reality!?

I got a 3090 off of ebay for $2200 buy it now…it was the most ive spent on any card but I dont regret it. In fact I think of what I could have got instead for the scalp price and think it was a good deal. I run a Pimax 8k x at 30-35fps (120 degree fov) with super sampling of 3500x3500 x 2. A reverb G2 at 40 fps. But make sure you have a i7-9900 or better cpu wise…gotta keep it in balance

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I have Ryzen 3800x, 1080Ti and Reverb. I think VR in far better than 4K monitor although my render scaling is 50 in VR. There is many people who likes more sharp 4K and trackIR, to each his own based personal preferences. Even in VR some prefers better graphics, other better fps.

I have a rift s. I can actually set the resolution high enough to see the runway on the horizon. Unfortunately thats about 5FPS. I need fluid movement in VR or Im sick as a dog. My 9900k, 2080ti doesn’t get the job done. I have my eye on the G2 but today’s inflated price isn’t worth it. I am curious if a 30xxTI might be the answer.