Yes, you can go back from VR: Resolution not worth it?

Cockpit immersion is definitely great, especially in something cozy like the P-38’s cockpit. Just wish the control tower, trees, etc., were not just a little bit fuzzy and color desaturated.

I have a g2 but rarely use it as I’m in the “details beats immersion” camp. I also mostly fly the CRJ or FBWa320 ona 3440x1440 ultra wide and feel I would get less from VR than if I was a GA guy. What does the pro-VR camp think of airliner flying in VR, still worth it to you?

I love flying the A320 in VR, but I am running Quest 2 at max resolution and 100 render scale in order to have the best view of the EFIS, and this is pretty taxing even for my 10850k 3090, so can understand why this is borderline for many.

Would be really great if we could run a lower render scale outside the cockpit, or even just some higher res overlay for the glass instruments. No idea if that is possible. Likewise I wonder if we could have monoscopic rendering outside the cockpit where I guess there is a lot of computational work in modelling so many buildings/trees twice, yet they are so far away that we don’t notice parallax etc.

Everytime I’ve been in the front seat of an aircraft (not enough mind you) I’ve never really gotten close enough to anything to see it in super clarity anyway… so for me the slight VR blur of everything outside the cockpit isn’t too far from reality!?

I got a 3090 off of ebay for $2200 buy it now…it was the most ive spent on any card but I dont regret it. In fact I think of what I could have got instead for the scalp price and think it was a good deal. I run a Pimax 8k x at 30-35fps (120 degree fov) with super sampling of 3500x3500 x 2. A reverb G2 at 40 fps. But make sure you have a i7-9900 or better cpu wise…gotta keep it in balance

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I have Ryzen 3800x, 1080Ti and Reverb. I think VR in far better than 4K monitor although my render scaling is 50 in VR. There is many people who likes more sharp 4K and trackIR, to each his own based personal preferences. Even in VR some prefers better graphics, other better fps.

I have a rift s. I can actually set the resolution high enough to see the runway on the horizon. Unfortunately thats about 5FPS. I need fluid movement in VR or Im sick as a dog. My 9900k, 2080ti doesn’t get the job done. I have my eye on the G2 but today’s inflated price isn’t worth it. I am curious if a 30xxTI might be the answer.


I switch back from VR to 2D without a hitch… i love VR for the experience, but love 2D for the bling.
Got into this VR thing thinking by this generation everything would be peachy… only to find a heck of a lot of fiddling with settings ruined the experience. Everytime i don the headset now, i tell myself to enjoy feeling the freedom of flight and ignore the urge to try and tweek the distance quality… that usually works… but still i can just skip in and out of VR whenever and whereever i want.

I’m still running a 1080ti with a G2 and really not unhappy. The sim runs smooth enough even at 100 RS in OpenXr and RS 80 in sim with decent settings except for volumetric clouds that I have on low.

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I think this is about managing expectations. Personally I was and still am blown away by VR. The level of immersion is incredible.

But if you come in expecting 4k monitor clarity obviously you will be disappointed. It will be 5 years before VR can compete on clarity at least.


Looking forward to your thoughts on the Varro when it arrives. I also have A 3090 and am very happy with the G2. However, although I had to print a face plate for a better FOV.

I think we are starting to see a standard higher dpi displays this year, so the price should start going down accordingly. I figure I have another few years on my G2, if it lasts that long.

When I fly in VR I use a Valve Index, which has an even lower resolution than the G2. My graphics card is a 3080 which seems to hold up fine, more or less. I will agree with you that being in VR is a significant detail hit compared to flat. However I can mostly see everything and read the displays, and if I can’t I can always just lean forward.

I come from FSX and XP11 where the scenery was just dog doo doo without spending lots of money. Blurry orthophotos with cardboard cutouts of trees on top is really the best you could hope for. That makes me appreciate MSFS detail levels, even in VR, a lot more. But, your mileage may vary of course. Maybe it will take a couple more years of product evolution for it to become satisfactory for you. I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s in store for VR tech in the years to come.


I’m really happy with the Rift S’s pixel arrangement.
It simply works.
1.4SS ASW OFF and in sim 80 TAA with mostly high to max settings on a 1080ti/8700K
Gives me a crisp beautiful image that I could never leave and go back to pancake mode monitors.
As for the G2 no idea I was turned off by HP after my Reverb G1 purchase, but I figured you G2 folks were getting a much better very sweet crisp image with the better improvements over the G1.
I’ve seen more G2 owners quit and go back to pancake monitors more than any other headset owners weirdly enough.

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Hmm. That seems weird until you consider the likelihood that more MSFS VR pilots use the G2 than any other headset.

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I agree with the settings correct it’s very sharp,I think alot of people just don’t know how to get the best out of there vr is the main problem.


OK for FS, but wmr is not really useful for roomscale. No chance against Lighthouse.

FS was the last hope. Actually, MS has already officially discontinued wmr, but then came the reverb.

When did that happen? official part?
Reverb came only 6 months after Odyssey+.

Not true, I’m afraid. They are officially updating and improving it for Windows 11.

2019, before the reverb came out.
after that they came to new hope :wink:

O+ only in US.
In Europe, all wmr HMD in MS Store was stopped.

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I completely agree.
To run this headset a very high end PC is needed, probably not feasible for everyone’s wallet.
I guess the difficulty to get some decent fps and smoothness, pushed them back to the classic 2D monitor.

I have a G2 and I am very, very sadisfied by it’s clariness and smoothness on my system.
When I can and I have the time, I prefer the VR flight than the classic 2D one.