Yesterday I got 58fps, today only 35fps. What's here going on?

How is the weather? Is this also the same? Clouds and visibility are frame killers…

try it tomorrow again… if fixed then it was network- or rolling-cache reletad thing… and after this… close the FPS counter and enjoy the game :wink:

And a hint:

this might be… we have two threads in forum where useres reported an issue after trying VR.

No, I deactivate this in all of my installed Software. My system is clear, no Autostart entrys and so on.

Take a Round at EDDK without clouds at 1500feet. There I have the scenery from Aerosoft, normal this cost some frames. With your System you must have more fps than I.

See my initial post. All tests are under same conditions. No clouds, no wind, same time.

I will check this post because the VR issues. Thank you. Maybe I find an answer there.

See this picture from friday. I took this after two rounds at EDDK. Average framerate was at 4.5Ghz 61fps. Ingame I only sets the grafics on Ultra. No other changes make.

This pictures are with clouds also from friday (4.4Ghz and 4.5Ghz). I took this with my smartphone bevor I insert the meassures for average-FPS. Since Yesterday I got at this place only 35fps if I look from the same place.

A waste of time. Just go fly and stop obsessing over FPS. It’s insane.


This is the Official EDDK Mod, or ?

I tried EDDK ( I haven’t the mod) and of course my resolution ( 3840x1600 ) and is near “normal” at ground:

( 8700k, 2080Ti )

PS: quick screenshot is “Windows Key + Print Key”

We can struggle as much as we want with MSFS, NVidia and windows 10 settings,
the problem lies within the crappy graphics engine of MSFS.


No, I want to know why I had ~15fps more the day before yesterday and also why I now only have 35fps no matter what I set. Same fps on low settings!

Yes, this is the official EDDK-Airport von Aerosoft.
This is creepy. I set the Renderscaling to 30% an get 30fps, then to 200% and get 25fps. Back to 100% gives me also 30fps.
What are the FS doing here with me?

No, it’s not “insane”. Performance is vastly important to a decent flight sim experience, especially consistent performance. This will all become even more important once resource heavy software like PMDG come to FS2020 and we’ll need every frame we can get. I have a 9700k @ 4.8ghz and an RTX 3070 and for whatever reason FS2020 is a stutter fest on my system despite having zero issues with other titles. So yeah, FPS matters to me


yeah… I search also more reasons… but find only these VR hint ( but can’t understand it ).

Possible one idea… have you already deleted the cache ?

I didn’t “FPS doesn’t matter”. But it’s clear nothing has changed in flight sim. Some people are going to spend the ten years between this and MSFS 2030 obsessing over framerates rather than flying. I almost checked my FPS for the first time the other day, and I’m glad I didn’t. I will stick to my resolve never to do so. I think its one of the reasons I’m enjoying this so much.

Happy new year.

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I wouldn’t be so concerned about the FPS itself (although it still does matter to me as a statistic as it allows me to see how much “room” I have for resource-intensive addons in the future) if it weren’t for the stutters I get with FS2020. To see what I am talking about, see CptCanada’s video here, a popular flight sim streamer with a pretty powerful system. Skip to 1:14:43. The stutters in the LAX area amount to actual pauses and are downright ridiculous. This I cannot ignore, regardless of what the FPS counter is telling me. It makes the sim unusable in these situations (airliner + large city).

Seriously!!! So glad you said this. I wish every FPS post would get auto deleted simply because FPS do not matter in a flight sim. This isn’t call of duty.

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The reality is that hardware has lagged flight sim software by at least 5 years for the last two decades. No reason to expect it to be any different now.

Simply not true.
Today’s hardware is perfectly capable to run a graphics well programmed Sim software
like DCS.

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Agree 100%, people have become fixated on the 60fps otherwise something is wrong…

High action first person shooters, agree FPS is very important, but not for flight simming.

25-45fps is more than enough…

Whats the solution - HIDE THE FPS COUNTERS - you won’t realise afterwards…


Yes, I cleared cache.

Which was released in… 2008. I rest my case.

I’ve literally never checked it.

The thing is plenty of people on here, including myself, have FPS issues that are apparent regardless of whether or not the FPS counter is on. I get relentless stuttering that is noticeable just by flying the aircraft alone, especially in the LAX area. Also, FPS counters can be useful since even though a STEADY 30fps may be fine, it also tells you that you don’t have much room when decent addons come out. Getting 30 FPS with default aircraft is not a good sign given how many more resources addons like PMDG take

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Completely disagree with your “25-45fps” It is nor about the counters
it’s about a FLUID movement.
If the FPS keeps on jumping between 25 to 45 fps, then you get stutters,
a flight sim killer.
The only way to achieve fluid movement is a CONSTANT, FIXED fps,
preferably 60 FPS which syncs to the 60 Hertz of most monitors,
or if not possible, CONSTANT, FIXED 30 FPS. (1/2 of the refresh rate of the monitor).
But MSFS can not manage that. DCS, a real flight simulator, does. Period.