Yet more problems - throttle quadrant settings lost and cannot reassign

So I just updated and had seen reports of configuration losses so I checked mine. Most profiles (GA) seem intact but my airliner profiles have lost reverse thrust settings. Tried to reassign and after setting the control it won’t let me click “Validate” nor will it let me click ANYTHING!!! Had to CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill MSFS.

Come on Asobo why???

I have the same issue.
I found that you can avoid the bug either:

  1. by pressing back the toggle buttons or
  2. by entering manually the buttons number
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Yeah that’s what I wound up doing, selecting the button manually rather than autodetect. :+1:

What throttle do you have

Honeycomb Bravo.

Same for me.

Happens with Logitech too

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