Yet to purchase but request some advice please re scenery & cache

I’ve finally got a PC that can handle MSFS but my internet connection is dreadful - 300KB/s download maxed out.

I plan to install on a PC at work and move it to my home PC and let it ‘repair’ itself there.

Main question though is that I clearly do not have enough internet speed for the streaming scenery so is there a way for me to cache the UK (I pretty much ONLY fly in the UK) on my office PC at a level that is as good as the streaming scenery and move it home to a dedicated SSD?

With thanks

You can set up a manual cache, it will be large and hand built scenery will be missing however even when you play offine you will still need to be connected to the net at least initially. Create a cache folder first however inputting the size of your manual cache in MSFS can be a tricky affair that may involve inputting a bigger number and deleting the last figure etc. so play around with it until it sticks. I imagine the size of both caches must match exactly in both MSFS installs and you may have to adjust drive letters/addresses manually.

Oh and both PC’s will need to use the same MS account so you may have to create a separate Windows account on your workplace PC.

PS. This may or may not work if you installed through steam.