Yoke movement when AP is engaged

Hello guys,

have you noticed that when you select autopilot, yoke does not move?

And It definitely should have move! In most of the (if not all of them) general aviation aircraft’s.
Autopilot is directly connected to the surface controls so when it is engaged, yoke does move.
It might be a small thing for someone but for me it is immersion killer :frowning:

Would you like to be this lets call it feature add in the future? If yes please vote for this thread. Thanks.

Even if you have the flight director engaged and not the AP it will sometimes do this too. You are correct that if you pull on the yoke the AP is supposed to auto disengage. The issue appears to be the work on VNAV to get it working. Looks like it overrides inputs. The other big issue is the AP prioritizes speed over altitude. So if you have AT engaged, the aircraft wants to reach the speed before it begins to climb which is a big problem.