Yoke/rudder coordination query

In FSX it was possible to coordinate the yoke with the rudder. Is it possible in FS2020 as I cannot see it.
I have a Logitech yoke and throttle quadrant.

You certainly can, the problem is on some aircraft you don’t need to. I removed the “most” as I have not flown them all, so that would be unfair of me to state that.

Yes but what settings accomplish my query?

I’ve been known to be wrong so many times it’s ridiculous, but I don’t believe you can.
The only option in the sim is “Auto Take off Rudder”.
It does what it suggests, keeps the plane on the centerline during take off.
I have never found an Auto Rudder or Co-ordinated Control setting, as FSX had, in this sim.

Ah, I misunderstood your question. There are options under Assistance, that may help you. It’s on the Esc menu.

Thank you, I found the “auto take off rudder” but that is all.


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