Yoke & Throttle Quadrant Combo

I was just able to order a HoneyComb yoke and I was wondering what is currently the best throttle quadrant to use with the yoke as a combo? I realize HoneyComb has developed a quadrant but wanted to see what other options may be available at this time.

If you can wait until the honeycomb throttle is out, that is probably the best option. Saitek makes one that is fine to use if you can find one for its regular price. You could sell it later probably. FWIW, I don’t care for the Saitek rudder, but to get something much better costs a lot. Maybe honeycomb’s rudder will be good as well, but I don’t know when it will be out.
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Imo the bravo quadrant they make. It comes with trim wheel and autopilot, and they have prepared it so you can fly sep, mep and jet (Boeing style), and an airbus style jet addon on the way. When I have work and money again, I think I’m going for the Alpha Yoke, Bravo quadrant and Charlie rudders, and finally wrote off my 10 year old Saitek gear

I can recommend the VirtualFly TQ6+.

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I agree, I have the TQ6 and also can also recommend it. I didn’t mention it before since with the Honeycomb yoke, the Honeycomb throttle seems to be a great companion. However, the TQ6 is an excellent throttle, although it is expensive.

Considering the Bravo quadrant isn’t available at the moment I have put myself on the waitlist. I agree the TQ6 looks very good however it is pricy and I’m thinking the HoneyComb combo will interface nicely together. I will pickup a Saitek throttle to use while I wait for the Bravo to become available.
I am currently using VKB pedals which I like even with the absence of toe brakes, I remember reading somewhere that that was a modified option for the pedals through software I thought but will have to do some additional research to see if that’s still a possibility for these pedals, however it’s not a game breaker for me if not.

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