Yosemite Half Dome Floating above mountains?

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Brief description of the issue: I see Half Dome floating above the mountains.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: fly to half dome

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Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: I don’t know how to find the build version, it is current for my update on 09/10/21

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version? MS Store

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My first thought is my settings are screwy. Does anyone else see this? If not I will look into my settings. But I don’t do much mods to them from the default.
Happy Trails

Yeah this has been reported a few times. :slight_smile:

That was ok before su5

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thanks all, I was a California kid and hiked all over there. In game I like to land and takeoff on top since there are no bushes and people :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting this! Closing as a duplicate of: Yosemite Halfdome flooting after UD5