Yosemite Strange Rock

I’m flying through Yosemite right now and encountered this massive strange boulder sort of floating in the air. I don’t have any mods in this area except a couple small airports 20 miles away.

Has anyone encountered this?


The strange rock you’re referring to is called Half Dome, in the Yosemite Valley. It’s been rendered a bit wonky by MSFS, and as a result part of it floats in mid-air.

The best solution is to install the Yosemite Valley freeware below.

It’s a pretty good chunk of data, but it makes all the difference in the world when flying through the Yosemite Valley.


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Kinda thought it was half dome except for the way it levitated above the earth. I saw El Capitan also rendered but it seemed well-rooted in the Earth.

These seem like custom-made objects, so I’m curious how it ended up flying since it was hand-placed…

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