You can ignore this post

I just want to have a moan - and decided to post here as my wife and kids don’t understand why I’m so fed up.

I WAS really enjoying the sim after years away from playing flight sims. I was loving the challenge of learning how to fly the A320, the flybywire mod adding to the realism and was already planning my next PC upgrade (when GPU stock becomes available) and a new HOTAS set up…

Then the last patch was released…and, as most of you already know, this screwed up the AP, flight dynamics, avionics etc that the 320 has now become unflyable (for 90% of flights and without having to turn everything off and mess around with cfg files and whatever else I have read!)

So I gave up for a week or so. Until last night when I watched a YouTube video of someone flying the TBM 930. Having not flown this plane before, I thought it would be fun to learn a new plane, taking in some of the scenery, whilst I wait, hopefully, for next week’s patch to fix the problems with the 320. After one successful flight and ILS landing (not quite sure I did everything correctly, but somehow managed a smooth landing), I found a new lease of energy and love for the game.

Today I had planned an early finish from work, and had already planned (in my head) what flights I would take in the 930 and where I wanted to try landing. Midway through today’s first flight, after receiving an altitude change from ATC, I realised that the PFD screen was frozen. Nothing I could do would “unfreeze” it. I managed to eventually land manually, using the alternate speed and altimeter dials. Concerned what had happened, I decided to reboot before starting another flight. Same thing happened again! This time I quickly fired up a browser to check on this forum if this was ANOTHER KNOWN ISSUE…and yes, you all know that it is!!!

I am so fed up, frustrated and annoyed. I know someone is going to tell me that everything works fine fo them…or I should try switching something off, or tweaking my stick sensitivity…whatever.

I have worked in IT for over 20 years so don’t need to be patronized with the comment that this is normal in software development…because it isn’t. This is a complete joke and in my field of work, Investment Banking IT, you would be fired and your project shut down if you demonstrated half of the incompetence that we are having to put up with.

Anyway, moan over, dinner’s ready and I’ve opened a nice bottle of wine so will hopefully chill out.

Have a nice weekend all.



We are indeed all aware of the problems and ASOBO as well.
The many subjects which evoke the various bugs and various regressions, have been taken into account.

A little reading here, the updates will be soon with the fixes.

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So whats your point ?


Well luckily this is not investment banking. Every industry has different standards and requirements.

Why people let themselves get so upset over a game is beyond me.

Yes there are issues but the world is not going to end if you encounter a bug. There are workarounds for almost every bug there is.

Why start a new thread though? Plenty of rant threads to go around.


Bit harsh, have you found any good places to go around teh Uk?

Hear your frustrations, try a different plane or some GA flying , pick a toatlly different to fly , there’s plenty to enjoy , don’t let the current issues bother you

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MEH… If I had a bitcoin for every poster who said they worked in IT for 20 years plus and they know better how bad it is than other people , I’d be rich. I guess MS and Asobo only hire bad IT people… I dunno …

But the UK, I haven’t been back yet… I see the replies in my post are piling up with places to go… I may just finish my east coast tour flying north adn maybe back around or plug in alot of the airports into my gps and zig zag around…

I was even thinging of doing a scotch distillery tour.

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Thats the spirit! Pardon the pun!

Yes I saw some good plans posted around lake district and scotland, worth looking at … some good ideas

If your online and fancy landing in centurylink field let me know, I’m looking for other stadiums to land in at moment

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You’ve got a wierd stadium fetish lol

Maybe try landing in a stadium near hurricaine delta… new orleans or maybe even houstan might have heavy winds right now.

It’s just the challenge for a laugh, I’m a big NFL fan.

It was a well spent afternoon a couple of weeks ago taking on the seattle challenge

Unfortunately can’t land on top of domes tried to at AT&T in Dallas

Alot of bad weather in NO

HURRICAINE … I dont understand why the government doesn’t label southern Louisiana as uninhabitable … Every year without fail it gets walloped by hurricanes and flooding.

You gotta check out the GA planes, they are a lot of fun to play around with, especially for short flights

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Lesson #1 - Never title a post “You can ignore this post” and expect people to ignore the post. :grin:


One day before launch: - how many of our 30 planes can you fly without serious/medium/small annoying bugs? - None. but ppl can fly over their houses, they gonna love it - Lets do it!

Leaked conversation between Risitas (osobobo’s CEO) and MS executives.


Reverse psychology: always works. :upside_down_face:

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I wish there was a warning to ignore this post instead of the title “You can ignore this post” because that just screams “READ THIS IMPORTANT POST”.

I work in IT too, not something as prestigious as investment banking IT, and I don’t hate this game for all its flaws. Can’t continue a bush trip? No problem, I’ll fly another one until this problem is fixed. The bug was fixed but I still can’t continue? No problem, I’ll start at the beginning. It’s not like I can’t use another 4 hours of flying time. Japan flight crashes after 2 hours? No problem, I’ll fly it after it’s fixed. Nav Map crash to desktop if opened? No problem, I’ll leave it open and minimize it if it gets in the way. Auto pilot broken? Sounds like a good time to hand fly some GA planes.

Do you really work in IT if you’re not adaptable?


And If your house is on fire, and the firefighters refuses to help you, you just think “okay, i can buy a new one in 10 years”. You are the perfect customer (almost Buda)… everything is beautiful and nice, we just have to adapt and wait. In silence. Yet? you are not so good when it comes to adapt or accept that the OP can complain about the terrible situation of this software. You couldnt wait and hold youserlf not to answer him, and just ignore and let it go ad you do with all the bugs. Noice.


Sure, because my burning house and a game are totally on the same level :roll_eyes:


I think MSFS is more functional than a burning house…Its still playable to some degree.

however a burning house , its pretty hard to do anything in.