You can no longer update a product in Content Manager

Just tried to update the CRJ to the latest version, it downloaded the update but would not decompress it. Just kept downloading it over and over. This ment as I noticed since the last 2 sim updates deleting it, then downloading the whole thing again. Surely someone at Microsoft or Asobo can fix this. So if you guys are really paying attention to the forums, please find a solution to this. Please and thank you.

It’s a know problem which has existed ever since the CRJ came out in the marketplace. Some people say it has to do with Navigraph, but I have never been able to update the CRJ, regardless of Navigraph being installed or not. I have to uninstall the CRJs completely, making sure the installation folders are gone and do a full install whenever a new version arrives.

It’s simply a major embarrassment for Mircosoft/Asobo/Aerosoft not to be able to fix this.

This is a CRJ problem, not a general problem, maybe you can clarify this in the title.

It’s very much a general problem. I had that issue both with the Carenado C182 and with some of the World Update content. I have to delete the old completely before installing the new, or else I get caught in a download loop.It’s the same issue as the download / decompression loop people get stuck in while doing the main sim updates.

This is not a CRJ specific problem. This is an issue with the update system Asobo have built into the sim. But like most problems with the sim, they don’t seem to affect everyone.

I updated the CRJ from the content manager 2 days ago with no problem.
Not sure why I can and others cannot, however, to be on the same page, I have NO, None, Nada Mods or Addons in my Community folder. My community folder has been empty since MSFS was installed.

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I didn’t know that. I have only had problems with the CRJ. But with the CRJ this problem is consistent and happens with every update, annoying. Even more annoying, that only some customers are affected.

I had the same problem a while back with updating the Carenado PA44 Seminole. So it’s not just the CRJ. It wasn’t a problem in the beginning, updating worked fine at first.

You updated to 1.0.15?
Strange, I only revieved that update just now, couple of hours ago it wasn’t available here.

Maybe not 1.0.15, I noticed an update 2 days ago but I will check right now and see what version I have.
Maybe the one u mention will be new for me too. Will check now.
UPDATE: I only have the Stock Premium A/C: Cj4 and Longitude. It was one of them not a “CRJ”.
Who knows how long it was sitting in the content manager waiting to be updated?
Sorry guys, I guess you were talking about an addon aircraft ?
Anyway, I didn’t have any trouble updating .

Like most issues with MSFS, they don’t affect everyone, and don’t affect everyone the same way. Although there are often heavy commonalities. In this case, it’s the download / decompression loop issue. It affects several users in different ways and on different “products”. But at the end of the day, whatever it is someone is incapable of downloading, the core issue is with the installer / updater, not the product we’re trying to install.

Not yet still downloading. It wouldn’t be so bad if they allowed a higher speed for the downloading I have a 1gig connection but they are limiting it to a max of 10 Mbits.

I rarely get over 25 Mbits in the maketplace / content manager. And I also have a 1 Gbit pipe.

I don’t think they’re limited. It seems most people don’t have this issue. They have a problem somewhere in the content delivery network. But they’re constantly blaming the end user or their ISP as being the problem, so not actively looking to find what the issue is and fix it.

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