You damaged your landing gear when flying with drone camera

I was flying upwards with drone camera while my plane is parked. After a couple of minutes, I got the you crashed your plane message:

My thoughts are when you where high up, the ground below your aircraft stopped rendering and you fell through.

I’ve had this same thing happen, or I’m flying the drone and my shut down aircraft with parking brake on hit an object. Weird.

Yeah, just happened to me a couple of minutes ago.

The problem simply is that when you fly away with the drone the LOD of the terrain below your aircraft changes. And if that low detail level terrain happens to have another surface height than the high detail terrain you landed on your plane will either follow gravity down or get stuck in the “growing” ground.

The latter is what just happened to me. I returned from the drone to the chase camera and the surface below my plane suddenly gained a meter or so in height which the sim recognised that as the plane crashing into the ground at speed.

So until we see a fix for this it’s probably better to turn damage off before going on distant drone adventures.