You know what... I'm having a blast!

Even if I don’t get anything more than flying this Cessna 152 around the entire planet, from wherever I want to start and stop, and whenever I want to do it… I’m happy with my $120 spent (super-duper-mega-deluxe-all-included package).

I know there are many complaining about this not working and that not working, but really, I think the folks at Asobo and Microsoft have created an incredible piece of software. Sure there are some issues, bugs, features and failures… but if you back up and take a look from 20,000 feet (pun intended), this is an incredible undertaking and an awesome result.

And for those who still haven’t gotten past the installation problems, your frustration is understood. Have patience, because this is really fun.

And for those who are concerned about this knob not working, or this feature not functioning correctly, your frustration is likely temporary… unless you let it get the best of you.

As this Game, Simulator or whatever you want to call it evolves, it’s only going to get better, and I for one am looking forward to it. I’ve waited this long (non-alpha or beta tester)… only to laugh at the guy with no face (due to my camera position) who fueled up my aircraft and then backed into it with his fuel truck.

I offer a sincere thank you to all involved in the creation of this software.
And I offer an honest, I’m sorry, for all those unable to yet experience this ride.
And lastly an eye-rolling, “what-ever” to those who gave up already.

Just my $.02.

(flame on, as necessary)


Speriamo sia cosi, il gioco graficamente e magnifico nulla da dire, ma essendo un simulatore sarebbe bello che tutti i pulsanti / selettori funzionino e che gli atterraggi ils siano sulla pista e non 500 ft prima .
spero risolvono e implementino anche il 737-800


Thanks Jim-Sim, very nicely put.


Exactly what I would have said… Spot on… :slight_smile:


D’accordo, e grazie per il tuo commento. Sono sicuro che presto le cose miglioreranno.


Indeed, I’m having a hoot flying the Bush flights. Overall, I"m happy with the purchase too.


This… this is what I’m talking about. (Check out this other post)

To have this beauty at our fingertips, access within our control… it would be like standing in any of these beautiful, breathtaking locations, and complaining that our shoes were untied, or something equally as petty.

Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic, or maybe I’m temporarily blinded by how incredible this software is… but really… so your local hospital rendered like a barn in the mid-west, or your 5 year old hardware device didn’t come pre-configured, or the aircraft downloaded but the livery didn’t.

How amazing that we can create such cinematic videos like this… and get to play with airplanes too.



Very well said and I second that sentiment!!!


Having a blast here too! Mind you, I’m one of the whacko’s who actually like digging into fsx…
yeah, this d/l was a little slow :slight_smile:

But then again, fsx gold from CD onto hhd, with Flight1 land, mesh, aitraffic, weather and a few airports was usually a two day effort all said and done…


Couldn’t agree more JimSim831,

I’m looking forward to the bug fixes, but being stuck mostly at home with COVID-19, this couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve been a flightsim fan since the wireframe versions running on Hercules monitors with the first IBM PC’s. I’ve owned and flown every version of MS flight simulator since then, and X-Plane 11 in the meantime. I stick to the GA planes so I’ve had very little to complain about with this wonderful new version.

I too feel badly for those whe are struggling with installs or problems with the heavys. I feel confident that the problems will be fixed.

Thanks for the positive post. It is nice to know I’m not alone enjoying almost every minute!



My concern is only one… that MS/Asobo stay in the long run fixing, updating, improving the engine for many many years.
I hope revenue be enough this time with initial sales and addons share for that to happen.
If FSX managed to be what it is today only with addons, I don’t even image what this sim could be in a couple of years with both engine being updated and new addons coming on top of that.


Stopped being concerned. Bet your bottom dollar that there will be a 2021 upgrade with substantial improvement and extra features released in Feb 2020, Price yet not set by MS Marketing. My money is already lying on the table. You got to pay to have fun


Problem is, ACES shut down or Dovetail FlightSimWorld failure could come back anytime.
True, could be different this time, considering the big investment they did.
Time will tell.

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Well never mind. Speculation and rumours to cast doubt among happy users ain’t going to make a difference. :grin:

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Well, of all the existing flight sims out there - no names mentioned here - over the years I’ve pretty much tried 'em all.
They all had their strengths.
They all had their weaknesses.
And I had my favourites.

ALL of them had bugs and glitches that needed fixing and patching or just plain working around.
But with each iteration and hardware advance the genre inched ever closer to the reality that we simmer’s crave.

However I can honestly say that none of them has ever come even close to what Asobo/Microsoft have served up for our edification here.
MSFS 2020 is … well … just glorious.

And the bug reports we have to submit do not in any way diminish this. It’s called ‘feedback’.
So when I find and report a bug, I consider myself a part of a feedback loop.
A feedback loop that over time will add even more reality and lustre to the sim.

So, for taking this [Armstrong like] “giant leap” toward reality, to all at Asobo and Microsoft I wish to thank you
I don’t know how you did it but I am so happy that you have.


i look at this thru time, with patchet visual and stability glitch, with a2a aircrafts, and with updated asobo data base with all addons, and with all of this updated map generator engine with alternative maps and with bing adopted seasons maps with snow only when t<0 on the mountains and plains

I’m so happy with this sim/game/software! All I ever do is make “road trips” with my C172. Sure I leave it on autopilot for the longer legs but that doesn’t mean I’m not learning how to fly, quite the contrary for me. This is the best, software, I’ve ever bought. No regrets.


Couldn’t agree more Jim-Sim. 36 hours flight time so far and thoroughly enjoying what we have, right here, right now. Prepped my pc for release, flawless download and install and not one crash so far. It’s not perfect, it’s far from complete as we should all know by now, and we have to rely on Asobo to make the improvements they need to make in the priority they set out themselves.

I’ve been to places in the world in this sim that I’ve never been to in others. I’ve flown to places in this sim that I have been to in the world, and in most cases, but not all, I’ve come away with a big smile on my face.

I know the airliners aren’t great and have only flown the A320 once for a landing challenge. Am I missing out? No I’m not, and that’s because if I want to fly an Airbus again, from cold and dark to watching a green line on the Navigation Display for hours to landing and parking up on the ramp at the other end, I can go back to the sim I used previously. No problem, no worries. One day, I’ll be able to do the same with MSFS too.

36 hours flying so far; total number of hours spent in the other one I use since MSFS release? Zero. I’m just enjoying this sim experience, even in it’s current state, like I have no other.

Ciao! :+1:


I really enjoy every minute with the sim :slight_smile:
the future is bright!

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I’m totally in the same mindset but more at 3-5,000 feet and simply loving it. I’ve now got a mental frame of reference of places I had never considered checking out via other media formats, in my own country and all over the globe in generally unreal detail. And the clouds. Mama Mia, those clouds. And fog. Luckily for us VFR is enough for now. :slight_smile: