You know what... I'm having a blast!

Very well said and I second that sentiment!!!


Having a blast here too! Mind you, I’m one of the whacko’s who actually like digging into fsx…
yeah, this d/l was a little slow :slight_smile:

But then again, fsx gold from CD onto hhd, with Flight1 land, mesh, aitraffic, weather and a few airports was usually a two day effort all said and done…


Couldn’t agree more JimSim831,

I’m looking forward to the bug fixes, but being stuck mostly at home with COVID-19, this couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve been a flightsim fan since the wireframe versions running on Hercules monitors with the first IBM PC’s. I’ve owned and flown every version of MS flight simulator since then, and X-Plane 11 in the meantime. I stick to the GA planes so I’ve had very little to complain about with this wonderful new version.

I too feel badly for those whe are struggling with installs or problems with the heavys. I feel confident that the problems will be fixed.

Thanks for the positive post. It is nice to know I’m not alone enjoying almost every minute!



My concern is only one… that MS/Asobo stay in the long run fixing, updating, improving the engine for many many years.
I hope revenue be enough this time with initial sales and addons share for that to happen.
If FSX managed to be what it is today only with addons, I don’t even image what this sim could be in a couple of years with both engine being updated and new addons coming on top of that.


Stopped being concerned. Bet your bottom dollar that there will be a 2021 upgrade with substantial improvement and extra features released in Feb 2020, Price yet not set by MS Marketing. My money is already lying on the table. You got to pay to have fun

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Problem is, ACES shut down or Dovetail FlightSimWorld failure could come back anytime.
True, could be different this time, considering the big investment they did.
Time will tell.

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Well never mind. Speculation and rumours to cast doubt among happy users ain’t going to make a difference. :grin:

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Well, of all the existing flight sims out there - no names mentioned here - over the years I’ve pretty much tried 'em all.
They all had their strengths.
They all had their weaknesses.
And I had my favourites.

ALL of them had bugs and glitches that needed fixing and patching or just plain working around.
But with each iteration and hardware advance the genre inched ever closer to the reality that we simmer’s crave.

However I can honestly say that none of them has ever come even close to what Asobo/Microsoft have served up for our edification here.
MSFS 2020 is … well … just glorious.

And the bug reports we have to submit do not in any way diminish this. It’s called ‘feedback’.
So when I find and report a bug, I consider myself a part of a feedback loop.
A feedback loop that over time will add even more reality and lustre to the sim.

So, for taking this [Armstrong like] “giant leap” toward reality, to all at Asobo and Microsoft I wish to thank you
I don’t know how you did it but I am so happy that you have.


i look at this thru time, with patchet visual and stability glitch, with a2a aircrafts, and with updated asobo data base with all addons, and with all of this updated map generator engine with alternative maps and with bing adopted seasons maps with snow only when t<0 on the mountains and plains

I’m so happy with this sim/game/software! All I ever do is make “road trips” with my C172. Sure I leave it on autopilot for the longer legs but that doesn’t mean I’m not learning how to fly, quite the contrary for me. This is the best, software, I’ve ever bought. No regrets.


Couldn’t agree more Jim-Sim. 36 hours flight time so far and thoroughly enjoying what we have, right here, right now. Prepped my pc for release, flawless download and install and not one crash so far. It’s not perfect, it’s far from complete as we should all know by now, and we have to rely on Asobo to make the improvements they need to make in the priority they set out themselves.

I’ve been to places in the world in this sim that I’ve never been to in others. I’ve flown to places in this sim that I have been to in the world, and in most cases, but not all, I’ve come away with a big smile on my face.

I know the airliners aren’t great and have only flown the A320 once for a landing challenge. Am I missing out? No I’m not, and that’s because if I want to fly an Airbus again, from cold and dark to watching a green line on the Navigation Display for hours to landing and parking up on the ramp at the other end, I can go back to the sim I used previously. No problem, no worries. One day, I’ll be able to do the same with MSFS too.

36 hours flying so far; total number of hours spent in the other one I use since MSFS release? Zero. I’m just enjoying this sim experience, even in it’s current state, like I have no other.

Ciao! :+1:


I really enjoy every minute with the sim :slight_smile:
the future is bright!

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I’m totally in the same mindset but more at 3-5,000 feet and simply loving it. I’ve now got a mental frame of reference of places I had never considered checking out via other media formats, in my own country and all over the globe in generally unreal detail. And the clouds. Mama Mia, those clouds. And fog. Luckily for us VFR is enough for now. :slight_smile:


14 days now, 111 hours played… Do i need to say more :grinning:
This game… simply the best…


Honestly I don’t understand why everyone is so angry about every little inconvenience in this sim. As if any previous sims were ever perfect out of the box. I also don’t get how people say the airliners are “unplayable”. Sure they’re not study level, but I’ve done plenty of successful flights in them and enjoyed every single one.

Also, there’s the realism part of it. I’ll just leave this here; I, and a group of about 5 other coworkers/friends (all with pilot’s licenses and some with flying careers), absolutely love this sim. Is it 100% true to life? No, but not even the FAA approved simulators at my university feel that realistic. In fact, the 172 simulators that we have handle horribly in comparison to the real aircraft and MSFS :grin:

There are many bugs, yes, but seeing how this sim is not only groundbreaking in graphics, but also the flight model and physics of air particles, I’m willing to overlook a lot of it. Besides, there’s already a lot of freeware/modifications that fix some of the bugs, and addons that improve the default A320! No doubt in my mind this sim will continue to thrive with content for decades to come. Hard to believe FSX is 14 years old now… and mods are still being made for it!!


After flying a week, and fiddling around with the settings, I’ve settled in now and am overall very happy with the sim. Most of the scenery is outstanding and the atmospheric rendering seems very realistic. I have seen several crashes to desktop over a two hour period after installing the new Nivida Ge-force driver but now it seems to have disappeared??
Running a 7 year old Dell XPS, I7, Ge-force 1060 (6MB), and 16 RAM. I’m flying mostly the single engine round dial aircraft for now but enjoying them a lot. I’ve been planning for a new computer before the end of the year. Have fun.

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I’m afraid I’ll have to wait for the patches that solve the problems that causes my flight experience to be at a low level now. I would be happy to be able to fly like you describe.

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i’m loving this game. this is the flight sim i’ve been waiting for since the very first one i played back in the late 90s.
currently enjoying doing two things.

  1. sitting at a major airport with live traffic and watching other players. the crash landing, or anticipation of it as you’re watching them descend too quickly or approaching runway too fast. the occasional user who’s plane stalls while they attempt to do something silly around the airport, and watching the plane fall from the sky and bounce off the ground. and then there’s the people who attempt to take off with the jumbo jets with no flaps on.
  2. flying around the world with my King Air. flew from cairo to qatar last night. will take off from qatar later today, do some sightseeing around there and dubai, and will continue eastward. eventually, i should make it back to my home base of LGA, probably get back to North America eventually via Russia/Alaska.

Wow, I thought I was doing well with 53! :clap:

Yeah, same here. I recently redid a flight I did in XP, from Lukla to Tribhuvan. The scenery upgrade makes this flight so much more enjoyable.

Yep pretty much how I feel. I am not let down by this thing at all. It is honestly more than I hoped for and was less expensive than I thought it would be. I got the basic edition for 60 bucks. I was expecting to be at least 90 bucks.

Does it need a bit of work and have some glitches? Sure, and I expected that to be honest so not shocked at all.

Like you said when you take a step back and look at what they did compared to other stuff it is pretty amazing in my eyes. It simply looks fantastic compared to other stuff. And that is OUT OF BOX! No adding stuff, no compiling and converting HUGE folders of files for hours and then installing them. And having to edit config files and all that only hoping that it works when you are done lol. I just downloaded it, installed it and turned it on. Bang, it looked and worked great (well I had to set up my controllers). My rural Michigan area actually looks like it should with all the roads and stuff in the right places.

This is what I have wanted a flight sim to be for the past 30 years.