Your 2021 wishlist

What would you like to see Asobo implement in FS2020 this year 2021? What is your top 5 or 10? I’ll start:

Higher overall quality of software with less bugs (fix existing flight model, AP issues and scenery bugs etc).
Flight replay feature
Improved real-time traffic

What would you like to see?

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A much better view system, or just the old FSX view options, fly by, tower, hud only view…


Fix the coastlines glitch and allow 747 texturing on both sides

All of the above…
But it would be great to get rid of terms like ’ MUST’ , ‘this plane is UNFLYABLE’ etc…
As far as I saw so far, most of those complaints points to problems at the users pc side.
This is, by the way, not FS2020 specific.
Same behaviour in the DCS forums.
I have lots of fun in both simulators… They both have their limitations but with every update, I spot improvements…
On top of my wishlist would be the F-22C Not the fighter but,
I have several hours in my log book in both the PH-MRC and PH-MRG.
They are worth to be flown in FS2020.


Better mesh (bug-free)
Replay function
Performance optimisation in VR mode

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  1. Removal of office blocks from UK countryside
  2. Fix of mountain morphing
  3. Fix of coastline water
    4 Anything else is a bonus.
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I’m looking forward to…

ATC improvements (IFR is fragile right now)
Correct turboprop indications
Shallow water / coral visuals everywhere they should be

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Whirled peas.

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I know the band and their music but how would that fit in FS2020?

Add more function to SDK so third party content could thrive


• Working and animated doors, Windshieldwiper
• Tower-, flybycamera like FSX / P3D
• Optimization of AI Traffic
• Realer ATC
• Possible to fly under bridges
• More Animals / possibility of bird strokes
• Multiplayer Communication (Over COMM)
• Online Map of Multiplayer, to look whats going on


Realtime traffic

Realtime traffic, thank you

Fully customizable controls, to bind any action in cockpit, like zoom/mode button in ND of A320 as well as toogle managed/selected mode.

This will be essential for those who have a button box or a home cockpit.

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more fps and non-melted buildings-trees
nothing else…

  1. Option to open documents in the cockpit.(pdf, jpg, etc) to access ICAO charts, VAC charts, etc (like Avitabs). Woyod be good to have few onglets to display different charts. (Departure, en route, etc)

  2. A full mapping for all the existing commands available . How the mouse commands exist but not the related keys (fuel cuttoff, Garmin GNS430/ 530 Nav/Com flip flop, all the menus, the right dual rotary encoder of the gns, the “enter” button, etc…

  3. Higher resolution for mountain or seashore mesh

  4. Voice support for ATC (speech recognition)

  5. Plugin for graphic tables (writing ATC clearances)

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FSX style missions
More aircraft types with good integration
Fix/Extend photogrammetry LOD’s
London photogrammetry
DX12 & SDK improvements - DLSS, better animations/effects, mach speed etc.


EFB for every aircraft, to allow for viewing of charts, websites, etc and make it VR compatible too. :slight_smile:

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World updates for Aus/NZ and SE Asia including new airport models at YBBN, YMML, YPPH, NZAA, WSSS and VHHH

  1. Performance improvements and Stability from CTD’s - Critical for success of MSFS.
  2. Views: HUD View, Forward view without instruments, Fly By Cam, Tower Cam
  3. Multi-monitor support
  4. Replay / Undo function for X seconds
  5. Ability to see Drone Cam location on the map.