Your 2021 wishlist

I’d like the sim to work with all the features as shown in the official development and feature videos before the first release, as well as to have branded GPS and other systems work much more closely to their real-world counterparts, as well as with current databases such as those provided by Navigraph.

And all this without having to rely on 3rd party “solutions”.

two more:

leafless trees in winter
virtual sunglasses for virtual pilots also, not only their avatars.

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I agree with some previous posts, the update and down load times. They are frustrating. I have yet to have one that did NOT go through that looping garbage. It gets discouraging and by the time it is complete you don’t want to fly. HELP!!!

Better pop out instrument performance and all garmin controls avliable to third party software, specifically Air Manager.

Triple screen feature. Works well in Xplane and there is more to see in MSFS 2020. So immersive.

More detailed and accurate taxi directions to parking from ATC. Replace the taxi ribbon with something less intrusive and allow it to be toggled on/off via key mapping.

  • better stability
  • more consistent performance
  • properly working avionics (Garmin specifically)
  • Premium Deluxe planes that are at least on par with Standard Edition planes in terms of completion
  • proper touch screen support
  • multi monitor support that doesn’t drop your frame rate by 1/(number of monitors you have)
  • Seasons
  • Increased Bing Maps coverage, both aerial and photogrammetry
  • DirectX 12
  • Improved real traffic implementation
  • Touchdown effects, etc
  • Replay

sorry too many…

Raytheon? :rofl: :grin:

Fix the PT6 turbine logic.

One thing.

Update the SDK so A2A and PMDG can finish their products. Couldn’t care less about the state of default aircraft.

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