Your bandwidth is too low (February/March 2023)

My guess would be it is a server side issue.

But I stopped playing. No fun at all at the moment. These moment are the only ones that I consider installing XPlane 12 as a backup option.

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Yes, me!

I have it in SUXII Beta and in AAUI.

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I’m not on SU12 Beta. It happens to me. Not very often; most flights are ok. But when it happens, it’s very annoying.
The last time it happened was last Friday evening, the Friday evening a week earlier and the Sunday afternoon before that.
Most likely moments with many people flying. Which does suggest server problems. Location west Europe.

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Just tuning in here to say that it’s been pretty bad for me as well. Same story, have a solid and fast connection.

This has taken the joy out of my flights up to a point where I’ve gone from almost daily flying to not really touching the sim much anymore.

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Yes same here.
From Daily flights to flights where it happens man times per flight.
After the bandwidth error I try to enable Bingdata again until the message comes again.
No I tried to enable Bingdata again after a 5 hours flight but now the sim is stuck on the Please wait box.

The SIM is unplayable…
Fiber 1GB up and down.’

What scares me is that if Asobo/Microsoft is not fixing this then MFS2020 is not usable anymore for me.
That would make me very sad.


The real pain is:I just had a look at Xplane 12, and that is visually so many lightyears behind MSFS, that I just can’t stand it.

So please MS/Asobo: fix this, please.

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For me it all started after the AAU1 update.
On other forums also the same issues.

Having this issues too for a few weeks now. Stuck on the Applying Settings right now, after the Error popped up again after switching back to Online and being still stuck in the menus.

It only started for me last week and it gradually got worse to the point now where the sim will just get stuck on the blue bar loading screen on start up. The only way I can get the sim to boot at all is by booting in offline mode.

I can then only fly round Tenerife as the DEM, aerial imagery and photogrammetry are all third party add ons stored in my community folder.

I’d just like to add that I’ve never used any third party map streaming enhancement mods that are available.

I now tried it 2 hrs later, no problems at all. Seems to be on very specific (busy?) times? But still super annoying. Happy though to be able to make some nice Islander (not the most beautiful aircraft visually, but very good fun) flights!

And enjoying all the free scenery people made around Kirkwall and Westray in Northern Scotland.

I am still flying after the band with error now but it looks to me it reconnected since the ground in picture looks oke + all the building and stuff is correct. 1 and half ours after the erro tho

after landing I noticed that the textures are really low but with the right roads and buildings just no BING data.

I’ve just tested it, it took me 30 minutes to launch MSFS and get to the main menu (I stay almost all this time on the ‘Check for updates’ page). I lauched the flight and had to get back to main menu as the secenery was completely f**ked due to photogrametry disabling. I didn’t succeed do get back to main menu, stuck during loading screen… After 20 minutes and full loading bar I killed MSFS. I have messages saying that my bandwidth is insufficient, that I have to deactivate photogrammetry, that the Microsoft servers are unreachable… all this since the last AAU1 update.
It seriously sucks :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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That’s what happens with MSFS once it disables Bing data. Happened to me 15min after departure today, so the remainder of the flight I had ground textures like in FSX (or rather worse).
Re-enabling didn’t work, it took ages with “Applying…” just to immediately show the bandwidth error and turn Bing Data off again.

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After AAU1 the issues started to appear!!
I wish Asobo would also respond on this.

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I’ve said a number of times where the problem lies and it is not at the customer side. People still trying to figure it out or coming up with solutions, it’s a waste of your time. Also complaining here won’t make a dent in the timeline of solving the issue. Report your issue directly at MS/Asobo.


Guess what, this forum is for exactly that purpose.

Problems again earlier streaming Bing data correctly. Very blocky and patchy directly below the aircraft - very rarely seen this sort of thing, but another issue with these servers I suspect. Incredibly poor!

It does seem a bit odd the disproportionate number of servers globally (particularly in the UK), compared to say the likes of the US. They’re not going to admit they’ve got it wrong by basing this sim around core online functionality, but this needs addressing. The whole online stuff is massively overrated because some of these problems remain, even years after launch. It’s about time they were fixed - or improve the offline aspect, even.

This needs looking at, urgently. The gradual sink of speeds to an unplayable state shouldn’t be happening.

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Thank you. I’ve said this as well multiple times recently that changing your end of the system may ‘help’ but it won’t do anything permanent since you can’t control how the data is being received, interpreted, and then passed along from the server to the user. Unless anyone can directly access the servers or alter their ISP, you aren’t changing a thing. So stop trying. :rofl: That being said using AT&T on the West Coast, have not had this issue in quite a long time. More than likely an ISP/server combination.

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issue has been happening to me for the last 5 days or so before that all was good and I’m not on beta. When I load up offline, all loads fairly fast with no issues. When I go online it takes forever to load and instantly get connection warnings. My connection is fast and have no issues with any of my other flight sims. The issue is definitely theirs not mine. It definitely takes the fun out of trying to fly. P.S. I’m in the US

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