Your bandwidth is too low (February/March/April 2023)

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Related to your point , and what other users mentioned before, exist a wish topic:

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This topic here is for the problem “that the connection is lost” , at least msfs determined it as that. The situation can still can happen, also if a possible problem in determination of connection issues exist and a fix will be implemented. The improvement of the handling in such a “valid connection lost” case is then the wish topic.

There are four separate problems here:

  1. We get low bandwidth messages because the servers are overloaded. For goodness sake, can’t Microsoft provide a scalable cloud service?

  2. When the sim thinks bandwidth is low, it tells the user through a modal dialog that prevents the user controlling the aircraft. There’s nothing the user can do about it anyway: it’s a server issue.

  3. It doesn’t appear to tell Microsoft that their server is inadequate. OK, that might be hard at a time when they’ve lost contact, but the system could make a note of the problem and report it when possible.

  4. A brief disconnection disables online functionality, even after the connection is restored. Though I suspect this might have been fixed recently. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky.


MSFS communicates with many different servers at the same time:

  • Xbox Live for authentication
  • Bing Maps
  • Photogrammetry
  • ATC
  • Traffic
  • Weather
  • … others

They can solve this with better logic for monitoring and handling the status of each of these services. For example if one service is slow or goes offline, but the others are fine, report that to Microsoft / Azure / Asobo automatically so they can see patterns of problems automatically and fix them. And if any service is offline, MSFS should have graceful fallback to allow the use to just keep flying, uninterrupted.

The current behaviour is what a programmer would use in “debug” mode. But debugging server issues is Microsoft’s job, not the Pilot’s job.


Yes can confirm it is happening again. Was flying the Fenix yesterday, went to answer the door and came back to the message. After pressing the ok button, the plane lost speed fell in to the coffin corner speed, disconnected Auto Pilot and had a lot of issues. I was able to recover it, but it wasn’t great.

The issue is definitely back.

Here we go again, another flight having the experience ruined


I have tried to make an official request, for a top-down, high-level review of how MSFS behaves in handling the whole range of Network / Connection / Server issues.

MSFS depends on many connections, and because it is the internet, and global, they have to expect connection slow downs and interruptions. But currently the MSFS logic breaks the moment there is the slightest pothole on the superhighway, and it shouldn’t. So I’m asking they actually review the overall logic: connection errors should go to Microsoft, and more should be done to NOT interrupt flight.

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Very often, especially when changing scenery or aircraft, I get the message that the connection has a to low bandwith ands is cancelled ans switched to off-linemode. A few moments later it is established again. Testing my connection shows speeds of 200MB. Do I have to change something in a setting?
Piet de Geus
How am I informed about this?

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It’s starting to get insulting towards my provider.

I’m constantly getting these warnings, mostly during afternoon or early evening. I don’t care if it takes a little longer to download scenery if their servers are struggling if I’m flying in FL240 but I DO slowly but surely lose my patience if that window pops up all the time and interrupts the flight. MY connection is PERFECTLY FINE! I’m downloading at 800+Mbps at speedtest.

They need to get rid of the logic that turns the online functionality off if they can’t come to grips with it, really.


Get exact the same,this need a fix!!!


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Understand. Then MSFS/Asobo needs to acknowledge and fix the issue, because current state of functionality is unacceptable. This has been going on for ~ 6 weeks.


The issue was acknowledged 8 days ago (1st of March 2023) and this topic tagged with it.

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Where was it acknowledge ?

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The topic has been ongoing for more than a year at least and nothing has ever really happened. There are times when it gets better, then it gets worse. I personally doubt that it has anything to do with any sim updates but rather with careless work on the streaming services in general. The sim just recognizes something and pushes the alert. It’s not new that Microsoft services are pretty unreliable and they won’t change them for MSFS. But neither the notification with the requirement to actually click on it nor the eventual disconnection from online services serves any purpose for the user and I totally get that people start to get really upset, myself included.

It’s great that it’s been logged, probably “once again”… But it desperately needs to be not just fixed but removed. There is no need in telling me that my connection is down, my router has a red LED, my smartphone has no wlan in that case etc etc. And there is absolutely no need and use in turning the online functionality off which takes about a minute after clicking on it to turn it back on (!!). The sim could even just show a red triangle in a corner of the screen for 5 seconds and disappear. There are way too many notifications and useless alerts in this sim that make no sense. This is just another one that annoys due to its pushiness and pointlessness.

It’s become a great sim but the user interface and background service is absolutely horrible. I understand that people start looking for external solutions, even if MS don’t like them.


Same problem. Microsoft doesn’t say anything. What happen?
More than two weeks without being able to play online. Continuous CTD.


Yeah I don’t know what is happening with rhe servers.
MSFS is not enjoyable at this point.

Today (and since a number of days), this issue still persisting… What’s going on??

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in Germany to.have this a few days now,switchback online sometimes also CTD!!! never have this before.
this Online Services Monitoring show nothing for this,it is useless…
it is cause by MS Servers,wat can not handle traffic i think,no problem if this it not force offlinemode and ctd if switch back…that is absolute no more fun as is.

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This happens since AAU1 to many people and has nothing to do with your systems. It is for sure a server side issue MS has to fix.

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