Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

It’s insane that a simple screen costs 2K dollars, but then again it’s significantly cheaper than actually flying and I’m sure you can repurpose the G1000 screen for other great planes that will come out.

@Baracus250 My .2 Cents as to when the top planes should be revealed (weekly or monthly). I know this is a democracy and most likely the Monthly will win, but in my hopes to sway some votes. I feel that a weekly release will help keep engagement up in this forum and keep people logging in and reading comments awaiting the Sunday event. If it’s just Monthly, the engagement “may” be lower and there would be fewer submissions.

Personally, I love to skim through comments to find that one random poster who forces me to buy a plane. It’s a Sunday, I looked through all my other social media feeds and think, “let me scroll through comments and see who the winner is, what are the new planes”. And with monthly releases I feel that others won’t post as much.

Again, this is a democracy and monthly is the majority. But just looking to overthrow the capital a little bit :slight_smile:


Thanks for your valid comments. Let’s see :wink:
Had 11 more voters since last week’s Sunday, so the rank order hasn’t changed that much as of now.
Maybe there will be a flurry of votes near end of month as people commit to their choices as late as possible? :slight_smile:


1- PC-12. The perfect all arounder for me. The feeling of being in the air in this beats every other GA in my book.

2- DC-3 with the duckworks mod. Immersion turned to 11.

3- PMDG 737-800. Experiencing the labor of a perfectionist dev? Priceless.

4- Corsair. A joy to start, a joy to take off, a joy to cruise with, a joy to land. THIS is Milviz/Blackbird’s best achievement in my opinion.

5- Twin Otter. Will remain my most flown GA ever since its release.

6- Blackbox L19 Bird Dog. This is an example why the 3rd party dev community is such a gift to MSFS. You have to fly this bird to know what I mean.

7- CRJ-700. Even though I rarely fly it, this is still one of best aircraft in the sim. Period.

8- C172 G-1000 Bagolu mod. I’m choosing this over the WB-sim version because I’m not a fan (at all) of the GNS 530 and I’m done pretending to be.

9- A32NX. This will remain in this spot until the micro-freezes are fixed.

10 - Carenado 337. Because it deserves to be in this list. Underrated ever since its release hence being overshadowed by the Twotter hype. Not in my book.


If I remember correctly, the latest update actually has JayDee’s mod built in.

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Mine are:
1-PMDG 737NG (any variant) my favorite aircraft in real life as well, the PMDG is not perfect, it has some quirks, but overall a great experience.

2-FENIX A320 excellent rendition of the A320, almost everything functional, with integration with simbrief and Navigraph.

3- flysimware chancellor- favorite GA aircraft coupled with the TDS GTNxi, it is an absolute gem.

4-BlackSquare analog king air.

5-blacksquare analog caravan.

6-MILVIZ Cessna 310R

7-Just flight P28A

8- Asobo Citation Longitude (with AAU1 update) the new G5000 is amazing, and they also revamped all the systems and flight modeling, it flies great right now.

9-Asobo tbm930 with AAU1( same as the longitude)

10- Asobo 172, I know it is not the greatest I look forward to the day A2A arrives, nonetheless the 172 is an iconic aircraft to me, and I find Asobos okay ish, and enjoy flying around with it.


Edited my post above. Added the Corsair at N’4 (blasphemy how i forgot about it) and removed the Beaver from the list.

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No problem

Hi and thanks for your votes.

Can you pick one of the 737’s please?

Here’s mine since I haven’t updated in a while!

1.) FlyByWire A320neo
2.) Headwind A330-900neo
3.) Aerosoft CRJ-700
4.) LVFR A321neo (stand-alone and with FBW mod)
5.) Asobo 787-10
6.) Salty 747-8
7.) Asobo Citation Longitude (with AAU1 beta)
8.) Asobo King Air 350i
9.) Asobo Daher TBM 390 (with AAU1 beta)
10.) Project Mega Pack A330-300

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Had some waiting time on my hands so I thought I’d make a commented top 10 list. Apologies if it ended up a bit long winded.

  1. Dave Garwood’s Hawker Hunter. A great freeware project from Dave and his team. Beautiful model with the early Cold War era charm and it flies great. Good fun to take into canyons or go high and fast. Lots of excellent liveries included and a lot of exotic ones on FSTO - I mean, the Kenyan AirForce?!
  2. Aerosoft Twin Otter. My goto aircraft in the first half of 2022. It can go anywhere and it’s so great for bush flying. Can stop on a dime. Perhaps not as detailed systems wise and showing its age as more feature rich planes are coming out, but Aerosoft deserves credit for coming through on the promise of a new sound package. So many variants and the Twotter has really sparked a lot of creativity on fsto with several hundred liveries available.
  3. Redwing Super Constellation. A classic airliner, but Redwing’s offering has stood in the shadow of PMDG’s acclaimed DC-6. Came out as early access in an early stage of development. I bought it more or less on release and that was a bit of a gamble. I’m happy to see that Redwing has improved the Constellation tremendously and is now adding innovative features every month while the DC-6 feels more and more dated. Redwing and their beta testers are very responsive in their Discord channel and most questions are answered quickly. Unfortunately, I rarely have the time for the complex start up procedures and long flights of an airliner and instead mostly flies short VFR bush flights from grass strip to grass strip.
  4. Microsoft/Mike Johnson Savoia S.55. Jörg Neumann is the perfect man to lead the MSFS franchise. His incredible love of aviation and aviation history shines through in every thing he does and his vision of what the sim could and will become is remarkable. And so is his generosity by sponsoring the development of obscure pieces of aviation history that would be difficult to realise on purely market terms. So we got the Junkers F13 - first production all metal plane and arguably the first airliner - and the equally iconic Dornier Wal. I’m taking a great interest in aviation history and love buying a few books on a recently released plane to enhance the flying experience. When I’ve picked the S.55 among the Local Legends/Famous Flyers it’s because of dev Mike Johnson who has been very attentive to the community and updated the plane several times to fix bugs and even add a new variant. This stands in contrast to the extremely long waiting time to see even simple bugs fixed on the other LL/FF planes.
  5. Big Radials Grumman Goose. A very immersive plane with incredible sounds. Perhaps not the sharpest texturing work in the cockpit but boy have BR nailed the feeling of a plane full of charming character. Including a bush trip in the British Columbian landscape that looks so beautiful after the world update.
  6. Miltech Simulations V-22 Osprey. Really a one of a kind airplane. Helicopter and twin turbo prop in one. Very fun experience but it’s difficult to master the hover because of the minute throttle movements needed. Really conveys the challenges and benefits of the tilt rotor design. Now on version 1.05 and the dev is very keen to iron out all bugs and improve the plane with further updates in the pipeline.
  7. Blacksquare C208 Analogue overhaul. Seems a bit expensive for a cockpit mod, but to me it’s a whole new plane because of my dislike for all glass cockpits. And what a beautiful cockpit it is. Deeply modelled systems including a comprehensive failure model and emergency procedures checklists. So much fun to fly in the African or Papuan bush. If only I could find a way to bind the inertial separator to a controller as it’s so distracting to activate it with the mouse when approaching a dirt strip.
  8. Microsoft/Aeroplane Heaven DC-3. Along with the beautifully rendered and charming Beaver the DC-3 is the most important long term benefit of another of Jörg’s gifts to the community: the 40th Anniversary Edition (I have yet to dive into helicopters and gliders). While Aeroplane Heaven has made a barely passing effort to turn an old product into a MSFS plane the real heroes here are the modders, especially Got Friends and Imenes with his Duckworks mod that adds more and more systems depth every week. FSTO has a lot of interesting liveries and I’m sure they’ll keep coming for a long time.
  9. Blackbird PC-6 Porter. My first turbo prop bush plane that I spent a lot of 2021 flying. After a long wait the stage two with steam gauges and floats is out now - good to see Blackbird keeping the promise in spite of the free Microsoft offering. I look forward to go back to the steam gauge Porter and literally dive in with the prop in beta.
  10. Microsoft/Oliver Moser Junkers Ju-52. This piece of aviation history has a lot of unique quirks that make it special, but it’s still modern enough to be easily flyable. Spent some time trying to figure out how to bind the wheel brakes to the throttle levers. Glad it has finally been updated to eliminate some of the obvious flaws.

Honourable mentions: A1R’s beautiful Ryan ST for going low and slow. Blackbirds C310R with features that make it so immersive, but the plane needs big, concrete runways and I find that a bit boring. Carenado Waco YMF-5 is such a wonderful rendition of a biplane that you just want to fly into the sunset forever. Blackbird Beaver is a real gem, and I hope to spend some more time in the streamline modern cockpit. PMDG’s DC-6 released early with incredibly detailed systems, but could use an update to bring it on par with recent releases. SimSkunkWorks’ TF-104 - it is so much fun to ride that manned rocket into the stratosphere.

TL;DR: This sim is so much fun because of the dynamics between Microsoft/Asobo, third party devs and community modders. An incredible amount of content whether you want to spend cash or not. A true golden age of flight simming.


Nice descriptions, thanks. Not too long for me. Could have read more :wink:

Is it really April since you posted a list?

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Yes, I suppose it is. I thought you started anew in the new year?

In a sense, yes. But I’m continuing the scores from the previous all-time list (I removed “points” so it’s just votes/mentions there now) — so I’ve added your 5 new ones. Was just surprised that there wasn’t a more recent list from you than April but all good! Thanks again :wink:

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Okay, if I had to pick I’d say the 800

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I voted for the monthly reveal, mainly to build up the excitement (I know, I should get out more …) of the updated list …
If it were to lead to fewer posts and contributions, then I’d gladly reverse my decision: weakening the impact of the (best on the Forum!) thread would be completely unintended on my part.
I too like to be directed to and discover new gems that I wouldn’t otherwise find.
To put my money where my mouth is, I will (in a separate post, for clarity) submit my January list of ten … with a surprise (even to me!) entry …


Same - happy to support whatever works the best…

@Baracus250 I’m so flippin’ stupid. I just realized the Topic is TEN Aircraft and I’ve been only doing five, I guess?:laughing:

Well, here goes:

  • HA420 Hondajet (FlightFX)
  • Cirrus SF50 VisionJet (FlightFX)
  • Guimbal Cabri G2 (Asobo)
  • Boeing 787 (Asobo)
  • Cessna 337 Skymaster (Carenado)
  • Diamond DA62 (Asobo)
  • Daher TMB930 (Asobo)
  • Cessna Citation Longitude (Asobo)
  • Citation CJ4
  • Airbus A319 (LVFR)

These are in no particular order. I may fix them later.


No you’re all good. Your last post was on 31 December with 5 aircraft. I only changed it to 10 each on 1st January (new format for new year!) so you have inadvertently done the perfect thing!!! :smiley:

I’ll add your stuff to the list asap :wink:
Thanks for that!

EDIT: you probably got confused because I changed the topic title on 1st Jan too, but yeah it used to be 5.

Also the order doesn’t matter now as each just gets 1 “point” (well, vote now really). Cheers!


Ah, ok! Threw me off there!

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Well you can have a top 9 :stuck_out_tongue: nothing else sticks out enough to be in a list at the moment.