Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

My normal top ten all fit into the ‘all time top 30,’ - so I thought I’d shake it up and put up an ‘alternative’ top ten….ish.

I have had immense fun flying these as I fly forwards through time.

‘And now for something completely different.’

1908 : Bleriot - from the incredible Wing 42. This is an ‘experience.’ No throttle (blip the engine to manage speed, too long and the engine dies….as do you), no trim, no flaps. Chavez flew the Channel in this, then the Alps (died on landing). It’s just gotta be flown to contrast the then and the now.

1916 : Nieuport 17 - Big Radials. Bi-plane, good fun flying, especially reproducing the infamous Arc du Triomphe flight.
Actual footage from 1919 :

Must say, reproducing that prompted me to spend the princely sum of £12

1917 : Fokker dr.1 - - synonymous with the Red Baron, though not his regular ride. This is a freebie, very ‘arcade’ in flying, but oh what fun. Mostly spend my time over Paris in this (or under…the Eiffel Tower; through the Arc du Triomphe) with a huge smile on my face. Then fly off and terrify the business district. How can you say no to a blast from the past which is free?

1933 : Gee Bee - Carenado - one of the first aircraft built for racing, the legendary Dr Dolittle (arguably in the top 10 of all time great aviators) had a blast in this. It’s basically a huge engine that the pilot is strapped on top of, with tiny wings.
Fly this down ‘Marble Canyon’ (L41), it’ll recolour your hair for free….white.
Only plane I’ve flown I can’t land, but so well worth the money. Huge smile!

1942 : P51D Mustang - Aeroplane Heaven with mod :

The Mustang is a plane I wanted to love, the Asobo version just didn’t cut it, currently I can’t get sufficient speed to get it off the runway - a bit like a car.
The mod just works with the Aeroplane Heaven version. My only niggle is I can’t get it to loop…not that my flight plan is endless ‘donuts.’
Beautiful around the Mach Loop, great visibility.

1942 : FG-1D Corsair - Blackbird simulations - What a beast! This is truly vying to replace the Spitfire on my main list. I remember the huge positive interest when this first appeared, I can’t believe it only got 1 vote last month.
I’ve been flying the spit for a while, so getting this bird airborne is fairly easy.
Is it study level? - looks it to me, but who am I to say.
Very enjoyable, and seemingly forgotten about plane, to fly.

1947 : Hercules H4 (Spruce Goose) - Asobo - not been looking forward to this, take off from water only, freebie….Wow, I changed my mind.
It took 2 hours to track down 10 seaports, mostly around Canada. Then I came across an old thread and found ‘Water Airports - Global Packs 1 and 2 - now I have 200+ seaports.
Arcadey, yes, but such a pleasure to fly. Great visibility, cruises <150 knots, trims easily. Like an Albattros, low and slow. In fact the Fleetwood Mac song, Albatross, fits this bird like a glove. Take off from a fjord, lean back in your armchair with a glass in your hand……and just chill.

1948 : Cessna 170B - Carenado - had this tail dragger in my hanger and had completely forgotten about it. I’ve been flying around the 1944 Lantheuil/ Creuilly add-on (Miltech) for a while (great scenery by the way). Not much chance to see it properly at 300mph in the Spitfire, so I thought I’d try a period spotter plane. Nice and easy cold start. Flight model is very pleasant, trims easily. Visibility great. Cruises 100-120mph so a nice observational aircraft. The 170B was used in design of the Bird Dog, a purpose built spotter.

That’s it, 8 planes, as far off the beaten track as I can get….all fun, different, all of which I’d fly again. Unlikely I’ll add another two without them being aircraft I probably won’t fly again.


I’ve only made it to 4 aircraft so far and only 24 hour flying in my logbook.

  1. BN-2 Islander – Always been a favourite of mine since I made the AirFix kit. I had the FSX one before.
  2. Tiger Moth – One day I will try an re-create, in a sim, the UK to Australia flight by David Cyster 1978. I remember watching him perform loops in the Tiger Moth shortly before his flight and the Aluminium smelting plant my father worked for fabricated the extra fuel tank (that leaked :upside_down_face:). David was repeating Bert Hinkler 1928 flight in an Avro Avian to become the first solo flight from UK to Australia).
  3. Cessna 152 by Asobo – no mods a great aircraft for doing the training flights.
  4. Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter by Asobo (Steam gauge version).

STOL is a theme in all my aircraft. sPK


Back after a break, and this time I’ll list only the aircraft I actively fly currently:

  • DR400 with improvement mod – minimalist steam gauges, better view than the C172, nice view down to the sides (low cut windows) – Robin DR400-140B Dauphin for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS
  • DHC-2 Beaver – Into the wild!
  • Analog Caravan, 208 Steam Gauge Overhaul – Sorry glass cockpit Kodiak
  • Blackbird 310R

The Beaver has me hooked again. I’m in the market for more advanced steam gauge float planes, and/or vintage radial engine aircraft with failure simulation.

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You convinced me to try the Vertigo - what an exhilarating flight! I mapped an elevator trim axis to my furthest right side Bravo lever axis, as represented in the actual cockpit - so that’s a first. It made for a very unique flying experience unlike any other plane I’ve flown in the sim. Almost kinda making the thing fly by wire, point and shoot. Thing is insane.


If your talking real world training, you absolutely need the freeware WBSIM c152 mod … turns it into something much closer to the real thing …


Okay, here’s my November 2023 list. As always, I’m not really putting them in order of preference.

  1. Nieuport 17 (Big Radials) — This is a super fun plane to fly. It should probably be more tail heavy than it is, and it’s ahistorical to be able to adjust the elevator trim, but I really don’t mind. It’s simply a fun, beautiful, and well-modelled plane. I also love the historical squadron markings.

  2. F4F-4 Wildcat (Got Friends) — Oh my! This is a great plane and a fantastic value. It is modeled so well, to the point that the various radio boxes are present and textured in the rear fuselage! It flies like the manual (Pilot’s Handbook for Model F4F-4 Engine R-1830-86) says it should. I disagree with those who say the landing characteristics are wrong. When I fly according to the manual, it behaves according to the manual ([RELEASED] F4F-4 Wildcat | Got Friends - #650 by LufberyDrew). It trims out nicely in all three axis, turns well, and I love how the two-stage supercharger is modeled. It also — and this is strange to write — seems to sip gas. I loaded it up with two external tanks and did a flight for about an hour around Wake Island. I got it up above 17,000 feet, and then came back down and greased the landing. For all that time, I hadn’t even quite used up the first drop tank.

  3. F-14A (DC Designs), but I also love the B and D models. — DC Designs added the D model recently. I really love all three, but the A model is my favorite. This is simply a great plane!

  4. Caudron Rafale (Bluemesh) — This plane is wonderful, but it is also kicking my butt! I tend to ground loop in it with the slightest cross wind. The cockpit position is so far back that I lose sight of the runway on final. With full flaps, the descent is pretty steep. I often land with half flaps, but then it stalls at 140 KPH (give or take, approximately 70-75 knots), which seems high for a light plane. Despite all of these issues, the plane is a challenge to fly that I find nearly irresistible. I have decided to use a calm day preset when I fly, and grass fields help a lot because the Rafale has a tail skid.

  5. MiG-21 (Golden Key Studios) — Still fun! I love the droppable fuel tanks, the fidelity of the cockpit, the flight model, and the parachute on landing! My heart goes out to the developers. I sincerely pray that they are safe.

  6. AV-8B Harrier (DC Designs) — Another great DC Designs aircraft. I love the S/VTOL takeoffs and landings. I’m learning to master the transition from regular flight to STVOL. The squadron paint schemes (it seems wrong to call them liveries, which I’ve only ever heard in an aviation context for airliners) and variations are great!

  7. Piper L-4 Grasshopper (nee Cub; Just Flight) — fun, well-modelled, and hands down my favorite float plane.

  8. Ford Trimotor (MS/Asobo) — I love this plane! I’ve always been a huge fan of the Ford Trimotor in general. It has a great history, and I got a ride in one years ago that was a huge thrill. I think this model is really well made. It flies well, and I actually really dig using the Sperry Autopilot. Without the autopilot, it requires constant wheel and rudder input to fly straight, which matches both what I expect and what I’ve read about this plane.

  9. Curtiss JN-4D “Jenny” (MS/Asobo) — Another plane with a storied history that is great in the sim and a lot of fun to fly! It’s slow to climb, and quick to sink when the power is brought back. It’s also great for learning how to coordinate turns!

  10. Fouga Magister (Azurpoly) — Simply fantastic! This is my go to plane for learning and practicing aerobatics. I’ve been able to learn how to do some darned good barrel rolls that leave a beautiful loop of smoke behind me. It’s really gratifying.


Is this the -800 variant?

The award for most diverse list goes to… :drum: ^^^^ @XboxMonkey4665
Actually the only NEW mention is the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane but that is an interesting wide list :wink:

Welcome to the sim and thank you for your votes here :wink:
Hope you are enjoying the game! Pretty sure we can get you up to 10 aircraft here pretty quickly :smiley:

That is the first time I recall ever only REMOVING aircraft!

She is a total beast isn’t she!! So fast! Tried making some race events for it and have to pick the course very carefully as it’s just too fast for a lot of stuff I had in mind for it!

I appreciate your consistency man! All that stuff changed but REALLY only the Pelican came off and the Wildcat came in! :smiley:


Yeah. I’ve been slow to acquire planes, and I tend to stick with the ones I have.

I still fly the Pelican; it’s great for hovering and sight seeing, especially when you lower the rear ramp and walk back to look out.

I also enjoy the stock Cessna 152, and I’ve been flying the Diamond Twin Star that comes with the game. That is a really neat plane! But, you asked for top ten, not top thirteen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My Top Ten has grown to at least fifteen, and it’s getting harder to pare down the list to ten, but here goes:


Comanche 250 (A2A)
Cessna 414AW (FlySimWare)
Spartan 7W Executive (HCG Digital Arts)
PZL Wilga (GotFriends)
BAe-146 (JustFlight)
Super Constellation L1049G (Redwing)
FG-1D Corsair (MilViz/Blackbird)
AV8B Harrier (DC Deesigns)
Alouette III (Taog’s Hangar)
Astro (GotFriends)


Modern < 200 kts: Comanche 250 (A2A):
Modern > 200 kts: TBM 850 (Black Square)
Golden Age < 120 kts: Bucker BU131 Yungmann (Lionheart Simulations)
Golden Age > 120 kts: Spartan 7W Executive (HCG Digital Arts)
STOL < 120 kts: PZL-104 Wilga (GotFriends)
STOL > 120 kts: Cessna C208 Caravan (Black Square)

Vintage: L1049G Constellation (Redwing)
Early modern: Fokker F28 Fellowship (Just Flight)

Alouette III (Taog’s Hangar)

Astro (GotFriends)


Late Modern: Boeing 787-9 (Horizon Simulations)

Bulldog Autogyro (Rara-Avis Sims)

Alexander Schleicher AS33-me (MADolo)

Vintage: FG-1D Corsair (MilViz/Blackbird)
Modern: AV8B Harrier (DC Designs)


You got that right!

Quick status update.
Carrying out my Grand Tour from Wick to Cape Town, using the Comanche when VFR and the WBSim 172 when IFR.
So far on leg 5, tootling about Germany on the way to Czechia, before tackling Hungary, Bulgaria and into the western edge of Türkiye and onto the African leg starting with Egypt.

Or at least I would be, if my broadband didn’t just kill the sim 15nm from approach at EDFM Mannheim, Germany. :man_facepalming:t2::pleading_face::rage:

As the wifey says: “this is why we don’t have nice things” :joy:


Arghh!! Yet another thing to add to the dynamic potential failures to deal with, but a really bad one you could do without!! :frowning:

Indeed, yes.

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OK I have replaced one (The Xingu had to go to make way for Shorty). In alphabetical order.

  • ATR 600 Series [Microsoft / S&H Software]
    Love those props!
  • BAe 146 Series [Just Flight]
    Full of personality, challenges and atmosphere
  • Embraer E-Jets Series [FlightSim Studio]
    I have spent a lot of hours in these as a passenger and some hours in cockpit (not flying).
    This is actually still my current fave. It is a great piece of work and will only get better,
  • FG-1D Corsair [Blackbird Simulations / MilViz]
    Worth it just for the folding wings
  • Fokker F28 Fellowship Series [Just Flight]
    Another stellar product from JF. I am torn between this and the BAe.
  • Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 [Flying Iron Simulations]
    Super challenging but great fun.
  • Piper Comanche 250 [A2A Simulations]
    Well, you all know this one.
  • Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II [Just Flight]
    My irl trainer. Just received another update. Great stuff.
  • Shorts SD-3 Series [BlackBox Simulation]
    A new one. A bit of a beast, very hard to slow down but an interesting fly and great fps.
  • Supermarine Spitfire L.F Mk IXc [Flying Iron Simulations]
    Saving the best (alphabetically) until last.

Cheers, :slight_smile:


Actually, scratch that: I just bought the Wilga. :sweat_smile:


Nice!! Enjoy :wink:
Am I adding it or do you need to test drive it more first? :rofl:

New Boris Audio Works sound set just released for the Cessna 152!

Works with the default or the WB-Sim / JPL mod.

On SimMarket now, and I assume soon to follow on Orbx.

Here is a comparison video:


Oh gosh. I have enough stuff. I have enough stuff. I have enough stuff… :dollar: :moneybag: :money_with_wings:


This is where you say to your partner/parent/financial-advisor "$2000 sounds like a lot of money to be spending, but we are saving $1500 compared to full price " …


The mistake you made was simply buying an SSD that was too large. You know if you don’t fill it up then you’ve wasted money…